quiz of eriador

a quick quiz on the land in the west of middle earth

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not too hard but its not easy
which two mountain ranges make eriador
  • the misty mountains and ephel duath
  • ephel duath and ered lithui
  • the misty mountains and the iron hills
  • the misty mountains and the blue mountains
  • the blue mountains and ephel duath
  • the himalayas and the rocky mountains
  • 2
    what is the proper name for weathertop
  • amon sul
  • amon sun
  • amon din
  • edoras
  • 3
    what is the name of the place where the hobbits or halflings live
  • the shire
  • gondor
  • rohan
  • ered lithui
  • london
  • the lost realm of arnor
  • dagorland
  • iron hills
  • 4
    scary is a town in the shire?
  • True
  • False
  • 5
    what is the elvish name for rivendell
  • imraldis
  • imladris
  • sammath naur
  • orodruin
  • greenwood
  • lothlorien
  • 6
    what are the grey havens
  • frodos house
  • a place where the elves leave for the undying lands
  • the witch kings hide out
  • gandalfs house
  • 7
    does radagast the brown live in eriador
  • Yes
  • No
  • 8
    which one of the below options is the correct name of samwise gamgee's girlfriend
  • rosie mutton
  • rosie cotton
  • primula took
  • arwen evenstar
  • eowyn
  • 9
    frodo is the son of dogo
  • True
  • False
  • 10
    which one of these places is in the mist mountains
  • the pass of caradras
  • edoras
  • minas anor
  • bag end
  • ered lithui
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