Quiz about these two episodes
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Which actor plays Parker (the guy Phoebe meets at the dry cleaner)?
  • Stephen Baldwin
  • Alec Baldwin
  • William Baldwin
  • Daniel Baldwin
  • 2
    What does Rachel say is her big work problem?
  • "My boss wants to buy my baby"
  • "My boss won't give me maternity leave"
  • "My boss wants to fire me"
  • "My boss wants me to get rid of my baby"
  • 3
    Jack and Judy didn't get Monica braces because their dog Chi Chi needed knee surgery.
  • True
  • False
  • 4
    What restaurant is in the shape of a tee-pee in Massapequa?
  • A Wendy's
  • An Arby's
  • A McDonald's
  • A Burger King
  • 5
    Ross and Rachel don't agree to pretend to be married at Jack and Judy's anniversary party.
  • True
  • False
  • 6
    Who does Parker punch out of laughter?
  • Ross
  • Jack
  • Joey
  • Chandler
  • 7
    What does Parker call the Long Island Expressway?
  • A twinkling expressway
  • A concrete miracle
  • A fairy land
  • An amazing feat of architecture
  • 8
    What room is the anniversary in?
  • Event Room C
  • Conference Room C
  • Event Room B
  • Conference Room B
  • 9
    What does Parker say when he's looking at the picture of Chi Chi?
  • "Woof woof, old friend. Woof woof."
  • "Bark bark, old friend. Bark bark."
  • "Bow wow, old friend. Bow wow."
  • "Arf arf, old friend. Arf arf."
  • 10
    What color shirt does Ross get from Mona's?
  • Faded salmon
  • Faded pink
  • Faded orange
  • Faded red
  • 11
    To avoid things getting awkward between her and Joey again, at the end of the episode what other excuse does Rachel make?
  • "My dentist tried to kill me"
  • "My physician tried to kill me"
  • "My gynecologist tried to kill me"
  • "My boss tried to kill me"
  • 12
    What does Parker insist on feeding Phoebe?
  • A mussel
  • A piece of fish
  • A clam
  • An oyster
  • 13
    Phoebe throws this food onto the floor to pretend to eat it. Joey slips on it and calls it a giant booger. Who's jacket does he wipe it on and "get the hell outta there"?
  • Chandler's
  • Parker's
  • Jack's
  • Ross'
  • 14
    In his fake proposal story, where does Ross say he proposed to Rachel?
  • The museum
  • His apartment
  • The Planetarium
  • Central Perk
  • 15
    Phoebe enjoyed the Gellers' anniversary party.
  • True
  • False
  • 16
    Phoebe calls herself a sunny, positive person when she's saying she's like Parker. Joey then says:
  • "Damn right you are"
  • "Actually, you have a little bit of an edge"
  • "No, you're not"
  • "You're positive, but not sunny, I'll tell you that"
  • 17
    What movie does Monica reference in her speech to try to get her parents and the audience to cry?
  • Terms of Endearment
  • Old Yeller
  • 60 Minutes
  • It's a Wonderful Life
  • 18
    Jack: "I just wish _____ were here to hear Ross' toast."
  • Chi Chi
  • My mom
  • LaPooh
  • Nana
  • 19
    When they're leaving the apartment to go to the anniversary dinner, Parker says:
  • "Shotgun!"
  • "Aces!"
  • "Shotty!"
  • "Ace!"
  • 20
    Ross lets Mona keep his salmon colored shirt to remember him by.
  • Yes
  • No
  • 21
    Phoebe thinks that people dancing like animals is stupid and cruel.
  • True
  • False
  • 22
    What game does Phoebe want to play with Parker?
  • Jenga
  • Who can stay quiet the longest
  • Who can talk the most
  • Monopoly
  • 23
    Parker: "My God, what a...."
  • Fantastically large hallway
  • Beautifully large hallway
  • Beautifully well-lit hallway
  • Fantastically well-lit hallway
  • 24
    What does Phoebe want to give Parker to drink?
  • Water and Vallium
  • Water
  • Vallium
  • Anything to knock him out
  • 25
    Phoebe (describing Parker): "You're like..."
  • On Prozac
  • Santa Claus
  • Getting laid
  • At Disneyland
  • All of the above
  • None of the above
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