My Favorites :)

Finish the lyric to some of my favorite songs (mostly dustep and alternative music)
CREATED BYmusicchick55

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Stars spell out your name, like in a science-fiction drama, romance growing like a flower in the summer...
  • You always keep me guessing
  • Forever my wonder baby
  • You are a cinema
  • Love you just the way you are
  • 2
    Even if the chemistry's catastrophe...
  • I just don't care
  • If you want a taste then take a bite right out of me
  • I don't give a fuck
  • Let's give it a try anyway
  • 3
    Blood and ink stain the walls...
  • Death fills the room
  • I watch you fall to the floor
  • Honey this is just the start
  • Silently with bloody knuckles
  • 4
    Don't hold your breath i'm not losing sleep over you...
  • Baby you're nothing to me
  • I'm mr. reckless and you're defenseless
  • Honey you're not worth it
  • None of the above
  • 5
    Does it help you to play as you're wasting away...
  • Is it real or is it fake
  • After all we're actors on a stage
  • Like a silver screen cliche
  • You lost it today
  • 6
    You're wickedness, little witch, it broke my heart...
  • Enchanting words, little witch, you cast a spell
  • You're attractive, little witch, you're beautiful
  • Mass destroyer, little witch, my beautiful apocalypse
  • Now is the time, now is the hour
  • 7
    The only thing I really know...
  • Is I don't know anything
  • I've got a secret
  • I can't sleep at night
  • Is that I love you
  • 8
    You act like you're afraid of who you are...
  • But you don't have to be
  • Just know I love you for you
  • It's burning bright like a flame
  • I'm afraid for you
  • 9
    One look and I am sold
  • You've gold a hold of me
  • You've got me on my knees
  • You've taken my breathe away
  • You're mine now
  • 10
    It was you that told me I could do this...
  • Gave me my first guitar
  • Supported me through the end
  • Told me I would never fail
  • Put the music in my heart
  • 11
    Here's to your perfect weapon...
  • Take your best shot
  • Crack bones with blind aggression
  • Now you know just what to do
  • Take it out on the ones who hurt you
  • 12
    Red nails and a butcher's knife...
  • I don't care cause she's looking fine
  • Didn't know death could look so fine
  • Got a dark look behind her eyes
  • I guess lust is blind
  • 13
    Nobody prays for the heartless...
  • They pray for their victims
  • Nobody puts up a mirror for the vain
  • Nobody gives another penny for the selfish
  • They wait for them in hell
  • 14
    Go on believe if it turns you on...
  • Take from me till I'm numb
  • You need this now to make you numb
  • Take what you need till your body's numb
  • Both of us just want to feel numb
  • 15
    I can't recall the last time...
  • I felt this way about someone
  • Someone asked me how I was
  • I had this much fun
  • I did something that stupid
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