Charmed Quiz.... Ehh.. Not that Hard... Hopefully(:

If you've seen this show, you know they have some funny dialogue.... Pay close attention(:
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Who said this??? Okay, let me handle this... This requires a mother's touch... WYATT MATHEW HALLIWELL!!!
  • Leo
  • Piper
  • Chris
  • Pheobe
  • 2
    In which episode were Prue, Piper, and Pheobe transported into the future to learn a lesson and to stop Pheobe's execution?
  • Season 1 Episode 21- Love Hurts
  • Season 5 Episode 24& 25- Oh My Goddess
  • Season 2 Episode 2- Mortality Bites
  • Season 3 Episode 22- All Hell Breaks Loose
  • 3
    Which episode of Charmed did Prue die in?
  • Season 3 Episode 22- All Hell Breaks Loose
  • Season 4 Episodes 1 & 2- Charmed Again
  • Season 8 Episode 22- Forever Charmed
  • Season 1 Episode 22- Deja Vu All Over Again
  • 4
    Chris had a protective shield when Piper was pregnant with him...
  • True
  • False
  • 5
    In "Reckless Abandon" who was riding through the store on a scooter?
  • Prue
  • Jack Sheridan
  • Leo
  • A Demon
  • 6
    Paige is their sister because their mother had an affair with her whitelighter and put Paige up for adoption...
  • True
  • False
  • 7
    What was Patty"s (their mother's) only request when she put Paige up for adoption?
  • that she be given to a magical family
  • that she be given to a mortal family
  • that her powers be binded
  • that her name begin with a P
  • 8
    In which episode did Pheobe meet her future husband? (a.k.a Cupid or Coop)
  • Season 2 Episode 10- Heartbreak City
  • Season 4 Episodes 1 & 2- Charmed Again
  • Season 8 Episode 21- Forever Charmed
  • Season 2 Episode 12- P3 H2O
  • 9
    Leo and Piper split up only 2 times during the show...
  • True
  • False
  • 10
    Why did Chris come back from the future?
  • to stop the charmed ones from defeating evil
  • to save Wyatt from becoming the source of all evil
  • to save his mother a.k.a. Piper from dying young
  • to stop Leo from becoming an Elder
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