Animal House Movie Trivia

take a fun quiz tour through the minute details of the greatest college movie ever made, Animal House
CREATED BYfergelvis

The founder of fictional Faber College's first name is what?
  • Aaron
  • Emil
  • Jules
  • Frances
  • 2
    Eric Stratton carries what in his black doctors bag?
  • Drugs
  • Dirty Magazines
  • Cash
  • Sex toys
  • 3
    Mayor Carmine Depasto tells Dean Wormer homecoming parades are very expensive and he lets Faber College use what 3 things free of charge?
  • Police, sanitation, oldsmobiles
  • Police, fire department, airport
  • fire department, city streets, police
  • oldsmobiles, police, airport
  • 4
    Freshman Kent Dorfman's brother attended Faber College before him. What was his first name?
  • Fred
  • Earl
  • Kenneth
  • Dave
  • 5
    The motto for Faber College was....?
  • Above all, learning
  • United students excel
  • Knowledge is good
  • Through hardship comes sweetness
  • 6
    During the judicial review scene a state flag is seen hanging behind Greg Marmalard, from what state is that flag?
  • Oregon
  • Connecticut
  • California
  • Tennessee
  • 7
    The fraternity that Animal House focuses on has what Greek Letter name?
  • Delta Tau Chi
  • Phi Chi Psi
  • Alpha Beta
  • Omega Theta Chi
  • 8
    The name of the road house night club where the road trippers stop to see Otis Day and the Knights is what?
  • Kingsway Supper Club
  • Roys Bar and Grill
  • The Domino Club
  • The Dexter Lake Club
  • 9
    Eric Strattons attempt to pick up girls at teh local college was based on the premise that his fiance there ahd been killed. How did she die?
  • Car wreck
  • Kiln explosion
  • Suicide
  • Fell while rock climbing
  • 10
    How many marbles does Flounder buy before the homecoming parade?
  • 1,000
  • 10,000
  • 50,000
  • 500
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