Degrassi: TNG

Just a quiz about one of the best tv shows ever.

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Who is Adam's step-brother?
  • James
  • Spinner
  • Drew
  • Eli
  • 2
    What is the name of the actress that Bianca DeSousa plays?
  • Alicia Josipoviz
  • Aislinn Paul
  • Melinda Shankar
  • Alicia Josipovic
  • Alicia Jocipovis
  • 3
    What is Johnny's real name?
  • Johnatan
  • Joseph
  • John
  • John George
  • 4
    In which episode is Declan and Fiona first appearance?
  • Just can't get enough
  • Beat it
  • Man with two hearts
  • Danger zone
  • 5
    Why did Alli broke up with Johnny?
  • She didn't like his hair and clothes
  • He cheated on her
  • He sends a picture of her to Bruce
  • He was jealous
  • She feels uncomfortable
  • 6
    What wanted J.T do before he got killed?
  • He would finished his school
  • He would go to Liberty and tells he love her
  • He would go to Mia and tells he love her
  • He would runaway
  • 7
    What did J.T says to Drake and Johnny that stands by his car?
  • I know, my car sucks.You guys shot me with your humor,"
  • I get it, my car sucks.You guys slay me with your humor,"
  • You are so funny
  • Hey, get away by my car
  • 8
    Which season and episode has Johnny short hair?
  • Season 9, episode Beat it
  • Season 8 episode Lost in love part one
  • Season 7 episode Death or glory part one
  • Season 9 episode Why can't this be love
  • Season 8 episode Heart of glass
  • 9
    Which was the episode of J.T and Liberty's first kiss?
  • Rock this town
  • Secret
  • Voice Carry
  • Bark at the moon
  • 10
    What does Liberty says to J.T after she kiss him?
  • I like you for so long
  • I've been crushing on you for almost four years
  • I'm in love with you
  • I'm sorry
  • 11
    What happend when Liberty told J.T that she was pregnant?
  • He get a car accident
  • He was angry
  • He stopped his car
  • He crashes his car
  • 12
    Why did Fiona return to Degrassi in season 10?
  • She missed Degrassi
  • She needed some time alone
  • She had problems with her parents
  • She had problems with her boyfriend
  • 13
    Which girl go LARPing
  • Holly J
  • Emma
  • Chantay
  • Anya
  • Jenna
  • 14
    What is a song from The Studz
  • California dreams
  • Degrassi
  • Where goin' to L.A.
  • Like Whoa
  • Dust
  • 15
    Who where the members of The Studz
  • Peter, Danny, Sav and Spinner
  • Peter, Jenna, Spinner, Jane
  • Jane, Spinner and Sav
  • Peter, Danny, Sav, Spinner and later Jane
  • Sav, Adam and Eli
  • 16
    Which couple did married in season 9.
  • Spinner and Emma
  • Sav and Anya
  • Jane Spinner
  • Danny and Chantay
  • Holly J and Declan
  • 17
    Did Johnny loved Alli?
  • Yes
  • No
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