Roseanne Trivia Questions

Trivia questions from the hit TV sitcom, Roseanne.
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On Roseanne's ladies night out, Crystal takes everyone to bingo at St. Benedict's. Who is the only winner?
  • Ann Marie
  • Crystal
  • Bonnie
  • Roseanne
  • 2
    After breaking up, Mark gets drunk at the lobo and gets injured. What happened?
  • He put his hand through the jukebox
  • He tripped over a barstool
  • He got punched by an annoyed customer
  • He has alcohol poisoning
  • 3
    What jobs do Roseanne and Jackie sign up for to make a little bit of extra money around the holidays?
  • Gift wrap at Rodbell's
  • Mr. and Mrs. Claus at the mall
  • Cashiers at Macy's
  • Shoveling snow for neighbors
  • 4
    During a fight between Dan and Roseanne, Darlene cuts her finger. Dan and Roseanne are trying to keep her mind off of it. What does Roseanne suggest she think about?
  • flowers
  • the demolition derby
  • boys
  • candy
  • 5
    What event happens to occur on Dan's birthday the day of his big surprise party?
  • Roseanne's PMS
  • Darlene's appendicitis
  • DJ needs stitches
  • Jackie gets injured in the line of duty
  • 6
    On Halloween morning, Dan and Roseanne are playing pranks on eachother. Roseanne pretends to be getting shocked by what?
  • stove
  • light switch
  • television
  • toaster
  • 7
    What does DJ find around the house to make his sun dial out of for school?
  • Becky's birth control pills
  • Roseanne's necklace
  • Darlene's birth control pills
  • a pizza
  • 8
    After DJ competes in the school spelling bee, what does Roseanne do to reward him at home?
  • excuses him from chores
  • makes him a special dinner
  • starts an ice cream fight
  • he doesn't get a reward
  • 9
    After Darlene's appendectomy, Dan and Roseanne are telling her she has to go back to school while she's on the couch watching TV. What is Darlene eating at the time?
  • ice cream
  • potato chips
  • cereal
  • cookies
  • 10
    Roseanne consistantly has issues with her back. After finally going to a doctor, what does he recommend she do about it?
  • more exercise
  • quit her job and collect disability
  • wear a brace
  • get a breast reduction
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