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In season one episode one, what is the music playing while Susan sneaks into Edie's house to find out if she's hooking up with Mike?
  • I want your sex - George Michael
  • Let's get it on - Marvin Gaye
  • The way you look tonight - Frank Sinatra
  • Bye bye bye - N'sync
  • 2
    In season one, Lynette is responsible for Tom losing his promotion to vice president
  • True
  • False
  • 3
    In season two, which character begins a relationship with a surgeon who is considerably younger than her?
  • Susan Meyer
  • Bree Van De Kamp
  • Edie Britt
  • Betty Applewhite
  • 4
    In season two, Betty Applewhite slaps her son Matthew for what reason?
  • He told Danielle about Caleb being locked in their basement
  • He threatened to tell people about Caleb if Betty didn't let him see Danielle
  • He was caught half naked under Danielle's bed by Bree
  • She found out he was queer
  • 5
    Why does Ian leave Susan at the end of season three?
  • He catches her listening to a message from Mike
  • His wife Jane dies
  • His wife Jane comes out of her coma
  • He finds out that Susan has been trying to free Mike from prison
  • 6
    In season three, who is with Mike when he comes out of his coma?
  • Orson Hodge
  • Susan Meyer
  • Karen Mccluskey
  • Edie Britt
  • 7
    In season four, who reveals in front of a room filled with people that Gabby once had an affair with her teenage gardener, causing her husband at the time (Victor Lang) to find out
  • Edie Britt
  • Katherine Mayfair
  • Carlos Solis
  • John Rowland (The Gardener himself)
  • 8
    In season four, how do Susan, Bree, and Gabby discover that Lynette has cancer?
  • They over hear Tom and Lynette talking about treatment
  • Lynette takes off her wig and they see her bald head
  • Tom confides in Carlos who tells Gabby
  • Lynette breaks down to Bree because she can't take the secret anymore
  • 9
    In season five, who is the first person to become suspicious of Dave Williams behavior?
  • Mike Delfino
  • Edie Britt
  • Karen Mccluskey
  • Katherine Mayfair
  • 10
    In season five, Susan reveals to Jackson that in elementary school she was sent to the school therapist because
  • She had an imaginary friend
  • She wouldn't stop chewing her hair
  • She ate chalk
  • She wore the same shirt everyday for a week
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