a few questions of each seasons chrismukkah :D

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In season 1's chrismukkah who is wearing a festive reindeer jumper?
  • Seth
  • Sandy
  • Summer
  • Ryan
  • 2
    in season 1's chrismukkah who has 2 dates to a chrismukkah party?
  • Ryan
  • Seth
  • Jimmy
  • Julie
  • 3
    In season 1's chrismukkah who sneaks off to drink alone in the bathroom?
  • Julie
  • Ryan
  • Caleb
  • Marrisa
  • 4
    In seaons 2's chrismukkah who was considered to 'save chrismukkah'?
  • Sandy
  • Summer
  • Seth
  • Ryan
  • 5
    In chrismukkah season 2 who are having a secret affair at the time?
  • Julie and Luke
  • Julie and Jimmy
  • Kristen and Carter
  • Sandy and Rebecca
  • 6
    In season 2's chrismukkah who is Alex dating at the time?
  • Marrisa
  • Seth
  • Ryan
  • Jody
  • 7
    In the third seasons chrismukkah when seth is watching back a video of his bar mitzvah none of his 'friends' come instead they are where?
  • at Summer's birthday party
  • at Luke's birthday party
  • at Marrisa's birthday party
  • at Holly's birthday party
  • 8
    In seaon 3 who does ryan have a 'chrismukkah Bar-Mitzvahkkah' for?
  • Seth
  • Sandy & Kristen
  • Johhny
  • all of the above
  • 9
    In the chrismukkah of season 3 the gang try and raise money for Johhny's knee operation, how did he hurt himself?
  • Hit by car
  • Surfing accident
  • Fell down a cliff/rock face
  • A fight with ryan
  • 10
    In Season 4's chrismukkah episode Ryan and Taylor end up in a comma, why is this?
  • There in a car accident
  • They fall of the roof
  • They get knocked out in an earthquake when something falls on them
  • There beaten up
  • 11
    In their comma Ryan and Taylor seem to be having the same dream where to get back to the real world they have to do something in their comma dream, what does Taylor have to do?
  • Get all the couples back together
  • Comfront her mother
  • Comfront her father
  • Get over Ryan
  • 12
    What does Ryan have to do to get out of the Comma/Dream?
  • Get Sandy and Kristen back together
  • Get Summer and Seth together
  • Fix all the wrong couples
  • Move on from Marrisa's Death
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