charmed or not

basic information about the show ands its characters
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Who started the halliwell line?
  • patty halliwell
  • penny halliwell
  • piper halliwell
  • melinda warren
  • 2
    piper has the power to hover
  • True
  • False
  • 3
    In what order did pheobe get her powers?
  • premonition, levitation, empathy
  • levitation, empathy, premonition
  • empathy, premonition, levitation
  • 4
    what was piper doing when she found out about her power to blow things up
  • watching tv
  • throwing a party at p3
  • waiting in line for a passport
  • none of the above
  • 5
    when did piper and pheobe first meet paige
  • at the manor
  • in pipers club
  • at prues funeral
  • 6
    what happend when paige took the book of shadows out of the house and to her work
  • she showed all her friends the book
  • she cast a few spells that back fierd
  • she tryed to take the book apart
  • 7
    who gave piper the power to self heal
  • chris
  • paige
  • leo
  • wyatt
  • 8
    paige is half witch half whitelighter
  • True
  • False
  • 9
    both chris and wyatt had powers from the womb
  • True
  • False
  • 10
    what do the sisters do when they are trying to find someone
  • they looks in the phone book
  • they ask a stranger off the street
  • they scry for them
  • they go to the police station
  • 11
    when prue piper and pheobe first went to the future what happend
  • piper married leo
  • prue had a baby
  • pheobe was burned inside a jail
  • 12
    what is on the front of the book of shadows
  • a flower
  • the name halliwell
  • a symbol called a triquetra
  • 13
    what does this spell do What's Mine is Yours, What's Yours is Mine Let our powers cross the line I offer up this gift to share Switch our powers through the air
  • heal someone
  • take you through time
  • switch powers
  • 14
    who was the only person prue ever loved
  • dan
  • leo
  • darrell
  • andy
  • 15
    what happend when the gods were released
  • leo became an elder
  • elders were killed
  • paige is turned to stone
  • chris shows up for the first time
  • all of the above
  • 16
    chris came from the future to stop what from happening
  • his parents from getting married
  • the sisters from forfilling ther destiny
  • for stopping wyatt from turning evil
  • 17
    starting from youngest to oldest name the sisters including prue
  • paige, pheobe, piper, prue
  • piper, paige, prue, pheobe
  • prue, piper, pheobe, paige
  • pheobe, prue, paige, piper
  • 18
    which two sisters were evil in ther past lives
  • paige and piper
  • piper and prue
  • pheobe and piper
  • paige and pheobe
  • 19
    out of all three sisters and there husbands which sister has twins
  • pheobe and cupid
  • piper and leo
  • paige and henry
  • 20
    in the last episode it shows each sister with there children and in showing paige has two girls and a boy piper has two boys and a girl and pheobe has three girls
  • True
  • False
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