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difficulty: average
What does Kramer fear the most?
  • Clowns
  • Flying
  • Dogs
  • Doctors
  • 2
    In what building did jerrys father lose his wallet
  • Petermans office
  • Doctors office
  • Jerrys apartment
  • Monks Diner
  • 3
    Which character in Seinfeld is known for never laughing?
  • Elaine
  • Newman
  • Estelle
  • Cosmo
  • 4
    In `The big salad' George purchased what for who?
  • Pizza for his boss.
  • Baldness cure for himself.
  • Sponges for Susan
  • A salad for Elaine
  • 5
    Donna Chang is from what country?
  • Korea
  • United States
  • China
  • Uzbeckistan
  • 6
    What book did Jerry fail to return to the library?
  • Tropic of Cancer
  • Catcher In The Rye
  • Tropic of Capricorn
  • War what is it good for
  • 7
    Of George, Jerry, Elaine and Newman, who was first to learn Kramers first name?
  • Jerry
  • George
  • Elaine
  • Newman
  • 8
    To gain his attention, Kramer was slapping the table and yapping at who in the coffee shop?
  • Micky Mantle
  • Kieth Hernandez
  • Joe Demagio
  • George Steinbrenner
  • 9
    The lady with the goiter had an affair with whom?
  • Dali lama
  • Ghandi
  • Sid Fields
  • Frank Costanza
  • 10
    Jerry encountered a naked passenger on the subway. what was their destination?
  • Queens
  • Yonkers
  • Yankee Stadium
  • Coney Island
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