rascal flatts songs and lyrics
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bless the broken road: but i got lost a time or two,
  • woke up and kept pushing through
  • wiped my brow kept pushing through
  • stood up and along i flew
  • wiped my brow and so i grew
  • 2
    what hurts the most: im not afraid to cry every once in a while even though going on with you gone
  • still breaks me
  • still kills me
  • still upsets me
  • still makes me sad
  • 3
    life is a highway: if your going my way
  • i wanna drive it all night long
  • i wanna ride it all night long
  • i wanna sing you this song
  • im gonna find it through the road
  • 4
    im movin on: ive lived in this place and i know
  • the good cases
  • all the faces
  • the big messes
  • how it tastes
  • 5
    summer nights: now fellas you better watch your step, dont them teeny french bikinis
  • make you fall out of place
  • make you lose your breath
  • make you strain your brain
  • make you fall on your face
  • 6
    here comes goodbye: here comes the pain, here comes me wishing
  • you had never changed
  • it was all a play
  • things had never changed
  • for you everyday
  • 7
    why wait: love dont need a reason baby i dont see how i could love you
  • anymore than yesterday
  • so much today
  • more than yesterday
  • anymore than i do today
  • 8
    fast cars and freedom: I know you think you do, but baby, you don’t need it Wish that you could see what
  • and where im coming from
  • I see when it’s gone
  • i have in a song
  • you actually put on
  • 9
    Bless The Broken Road: But you just smile and take my hand You’ve been there
  • you understand
  • like a helping hand
  • to lend a hand
  • you comprehend
  • 10
    What Hurts The Most: It’s hard to force that smile When I see our old friends
  • on their fones
  • fully grown
  • with you gone
  • and im alone
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