~Paramore Lyrics~

Songs from Brand New Eyes
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Are these Paramore lyrics? You're gonna catch a cold from the ice inside your soul. So dont come back for me. Don't come back at all.
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    Are these Paramore lyrics? So just accept the fact that we can't out last our photographs this time
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    Are these Paramore lyrics? Shifting your weight to throw off the pain, well you can ignore it but only for so long
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    Are these Paramore lyrics? Pretending could make it better, better than it was before, lies could bring us close together so I won't be lonely no more
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    Are these Paramore lyrics? And the worst part is, before it gets any better we're headed for a cliff
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    Finish the lyrics: And I'm getting bored waiting around for you...
  • We're not getting any younger
  • I miss you too much
  • I'm wondering if I care
  • Why don't you just come back?
  • 7
    Finish the lyrics: Too much distance...
  • For me to stand
  • Between our hearts
  • To measure it out... out loud
  • For me to walk
  • 8
    Finish the lyrics: Because it has to be so lonely...
  • To be so all alone
  • To be the only one who's holy
  • Now that I've left
  • Now that she left
  • 9
    Finish the lyrics: Forgotten the taste and smell of a...
  • World that she's left behind
  • Boy that she's left behind
  • Girl that he's left behind
  • Home that was hers
  • 10
    Finish the lyrics: But up until now I had sworn to myself that I'm conent with lonliness...
  • Because none of it was ever worth the risk
  • Because you're the only one I miss
  • Because that's all that you left me with
  • But you showed me happiness
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