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And who do you think you are running round leaving scars collecting your jar of hearts. Your gonna catch a cold from...
  • The ice inside your soul
  • Your cold mind
  • The frost inside your soul
  • The frigidness in your heart
  • 2
    I've never known the loving of a man but it sure felt nice when he was holding my hand. There's a man here in town, says he'll...
  • Marry me someday
  • Love me forever
  • Never let go
  • Be mine one day
  • 3
    Into a place where thoughts can bloom, into a room
  • for the two of us
  • where it's nine in the afternoon
  • that's colder than you
  • of fallen dreams
  • 4
    We're taking shortcuts, and false solutions, just to come out...
  • Your Girl
  • Your Man
  • On top
  • The hero
  • 5
    Hate me to today, hate me...
  • Like yesterday
  • Forever
  • Tomorrow
  • When I'm gone
  • 6
    Will he love you like I loved you will he...
  • Tell you everyday
  • hold your hand
  • walk with you
  • remind you of the past
  • 7
    I love you more than the sun and the stars that...
  • Brighten the sky
  • Fill up the sky
  • Shine down on you
  • I taught how to shine
  • 8
    Is that seat taken?...
  • What's his name?
  • Congatulations
  • That's too bad
  • Just think about who held your hand to begin with.
  • 9
    Your hot then your cold, your yes then your no your in and your out your...
  • Good and your bad
  • Your nice and your a jerk
  • Up and your down
  • Wet and your dry
  • 10
    Don't stop Believing...
  • Don't stop Believing
  • Hold onto the feeling
  • Keep dreaming
  • Keep the dream alive
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