Ultimate Barney Stinson Quiz (Really Hard)

How i met your Mother's character Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris)
CREATED BYdjeezus_45

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On what Occasion did Barney whore a Hand-Made Virgin Marino suit?
  • At Marc's Funeral reception?
  • In the episode guest starring Jennifer Lopez?
  • At Marshall and Lilly's wedding?
  • At Ted and and Stella's failed wedding?
  • 2
    Who are Sheilly Galezbie and Vicky Mandoza?
  • Girls Barney and Ted tricked into telling them they were not from New York?
  • Girls he won "The Belt" with?
  • Girls mentionned in the Hot/Crazy scale?
  • Girls Barney and Ted went to St-Patrick Day's party with?
  • 3
    By the present time (6th season), where is Barney working?
  • nowhere (unemployed)?
  • GNB (Goliath National Bank)?
  • Altrucel Corp (yellow stuff on tennis balls)?
  • The US Government?
  • The NRDC (National Ressources Defence Council)?
  • 4
    Barney and James Stinson have the same father?
  • True: Bob Barker
  • False
  • True: Sam Gibbs
  • 5
    When Barney says to Ted that he also had a dinking game based on Robin, what kind of alcohol does he mentiones?
  • Jack Daniel's?
  • Peach Schnaps?
  • Gin & Tonic?
  • Vodka-Redbull?
  • 6
    What of the following is not a "real" Barney law?
  • The Lemon Law?
  • The Golden Rule?
  • The Platinum Rule?
  • The Wrists-Kids comparaison?
  • The Elbow Age-Telling technique?
  • 7
    In what DanceClub did Barney made out with is cousin?
  • Yes
  • Okay
  • Good
  • Why
  • Cool
  • 8
    What is the Bro Code's article number #69?
  • Bros shall, at all time, help the other Bro accomplish said law.
  • Duh.
  • A Bro have, for all intens and puposes, had a 69.
  • True Story.
  • 9
    What did Young Barney NEVER did in front of if dad (Bob Barker, hosting The Price is Right on television)?
  • Stare at him for hours?
  • Show him his srtaight As' report card?
  • Play baseball?
  • Show his is "Bob Barker Halloween disguise"?
  • Introduce a young girl to him?
  • 10
    What is the name of Barney's evil twin?
  • James?
  • Lorenzo Von Matterhorn?
  • Larney?
  • Julio Von Matterhorn?
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