Details, baby, details.

Some minor details from the show Friends. Hope you remember them!
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What two names were Ross and Rachel considering naming their baby before Monica said Emma?
  • Phoebe and Phebo
  • Isabella and Delilah
  • Kristen and Danielle
  • Carolyn and Marie
  • 2
    When Ross, Rachel and Chandler are moving Ross’ couch up the stairs, what does Ross keep yelling?
  • Pivot!!
  • Move it!!
  • Take it easy!!
  • Not there yet!!
  • 3
    Phoebe’s comfortable maternity pants are actually whose pants?
  • Joey’s
  • Jack Gellar’s
  • Santa’s
  • Colonel Sanders’
  • 4
    When Emily’s stepmother answers her cell phone, she says: “__________”
  • Waltham Design
  • Waltham Interiors
  • Waltham Catering
  • Waltham speaking
  • 5
    What is the name of the girl both Ross and Joey are dating at the same time?
  • Carrie Greenwood
  • Lisa Stern
  • Amelia Young
  • Kristin Lang
  • 6
    What are the name of the cookies Monica is hooked on?
  • Icebox
  • Crème filled Jesus’
  • Mint Treasures
  • Rudolphs
  • 7
    When Rachel is listing types of teas in the coffeehouse, what type does she NOT say?
  • Lemon Soother
  • Black Tea
  • Chamomile
  • English Breakfast
  • 8
    What is the name of the pizza delivery girl that Ross tries to flirt with?
  • Caitlin
  • Courtney
  • Cathy
  • Chloe
  • 9
    What does Janice name her new son?
  • Jacob Litman Goralnik
  • Jesse Litman Goralnik
  • Chandler Bing Goralnik
  • Aaron Litman Goralnik
  • 10
    What started the fire in Rachel and Phoebe’s apartment?
  • Pheobe’s candles
  • Rachel's hair curler
  • Rachel's hair straightener
  • A cigarette
  • 11
    What qualities does Monica think make Rachel a good roommate?
  • She gets tons of catalogs, and she’ll earmark the pages of the things she thinks you might like
  • She writes little notes on the bathroom mirror when Monica’s in the shower
  • She covers Monica with a blanket when she falls asleep on the couch after reading
  • All of the above
  • 12
    When Phoebe is reading tea leaves, what does she see in Monica’s?
  • A ladder
  • A circle
  • A leaf
  • The Village People
  • 13
    Complete the quote: “________! You’re the best mom ever!”
  • Brownies and milk
  • Cookies and porn
  • Chips and dip
  • Beer and pretzels
  • 14
    When Rachel goes on a date with Michael, set up by Monica, he says he is having fun because…
  • Rachel is attractive
  • The conversation is good
  • He’s been replaying the movie Goodfellas in his head for the last hour and a half
  • He’s been replaying the movie Diner in his head for the last hour and a half
  • 15
    When Rachel says, “That’s funny, I was just going to go across the hall and write that on Chandler.” What would she write on Chandler?
  • “Good going.”
  • “I can’t believe it.”
  • “What were you thinking?”
  • “Who knew?”
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