Lil Wayne Lyrics

from old school to 2010
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"the block is hot" And we like, to dress in all black up in my residence Ain't got on no suits, cuz we ain't tryin to be presidents. What is the name of this song?
  • high beamin
  • watcha wanna do
  • the block is hot
  • you want war
  • kisha
  • remember me
  • 2
    "500 Degreez" I claim squad game till no more Wayne remain Bang my thing till no more lane remain
  • gangstas and pimps
  • worry me
  • fo sheezy
  • bloodline
  • 500 degreez
  • go hard
  • 3
    "The Carter" Like whats good mama come make the clouds jump over us come fly wit me
  • snitch
  • this is the carter
  • cash money millionaire
  • earthquake
  • walk out
  • bring it back
  • 4
    "The Carter II" Its no problem baby I so got 'em Its just a victory lap baby I'm jus joggin'
  • mo fire
  • hustler muzik
  • shooter
  • weezy baby
  • best rapper alive
  • carter II
  • 5
    Im hopping out a lotus you looking at my bitch "Gangsta Grillz" You wanna holla you can holla take her on a trip But when the deed done you gotta send her back
  • gangsta grillz
  • where the cash at
  • ridin with the AK
  • poppin them bottles
  • this what i call her
  • weezy's ambitionz
  • 6
    "like father like son" Can't see you, the money in the way and im, im sittin high, a gangsta ride blades. if you aint gon ride fly then you might as well hate
  • leather so soft
  • like father like son
  • stuntin like my daddy
  • aint worried bout shit
  • cali dro
  • about all that
  • 7
    "da drought 3" One time for me, one time for the DJ He be Khaled, I be Lil' Weezy. Baby if you ask me, if your nasty.....
  • sky's the limit
  • seat down low
  • swizzy
  • my daddy
  • back on my grizzy
  • da drought
  • 8
    "da drought is over 2" I am sittin' on the clouds, I got smoke comin' from my seat. I can play basketball with the moon, I got the whole world at my feet. Playin' touch football, on marijuana street...
  • zoo
  • i feel like dieing
  • ima beast
  • lets talk
  • what he does
  • brown paper bag
  • 9
    "da drought is over part 4" Cities, streets, that's where I learned Play with fire, you'll get burned. When the heat was on, I turned. Turned to trouble... trouble
  • trouble
  • need some quiet
  • get too comfortable
  • do what we do
  • burn this city
  • i took her
  • 10
    "Rebirth" She hot as hell let's call her Helen. Fireman to her rescue like nine eleven.
  • prom queen
  • paradice
  • i'll die for you
  • she's on fire
  • knockout
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