How well do you know these hip hop songs?

music from B96, WGCI, and Power92
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(Trey Songz)Shawty just text me, say she wanna sex me lol smiley face lol smiley face. Shawty sent a Twit pic sayin...
  • i dont want this
  • cant touch this
  • come and get this
  • do you want this
  • 2
    (DJ Khaled) All i do is win win win no matter what. Got money on my mind i can never get enough. And everytime i step up in the building, everybody hands to UP...
  • and they stay down
  • and they stay there
  • and go straight down
  • up, down- up, down-up, down
  • 3
    (Drake) I really cant complain, everthing is kosher. Two thumbs up, Ebert and Roeper. I really cant see the end gettin any closer but i'l probably still be the man when everything is over.....
  • if you think that ima quit before i die dream on
  • im really too young to be feelin this old
  • one thing about music when it hits you feel no pain
  • so im riding through the city wit my high beams on
  • 4
    (T-pain) She said "i cant leave my friends." Now you've officially been chopped & screwed......
  • have you ever seen a dyme piece all alone at the bar
  • screwed- screwed chopped-chopped and screwed
  • dance-dance screwed chopped-chopped
  • screwed
  • shawty dont chop me- shawty dont screw me
  • 5
    (Eminem) Sound like broken records playin over but you promised her- next time you show restraint. you dont get another chance, life is no nintendo game, but you lied again and now you get to watch her leave out the window.....
  • i guess thats why they call it window pane
  • i guess thats why i feel so much pain
  • next time? there wont be no next time
  • i apologize even though i know its lies
  • 6
    (Usher) Never ever has a lady hit me on the first sight. This one's somethin special, this one's just like dynamite. Honey got a booty like....
  • wow, oh wow
  • pow pow pow
  • loud, so loud
  • check check check check check- checkin u out
  • 7
    (Alicia Keys) I was wonderin' maybe, can i make you my baby, if we do the unthinkable, would it make us look crazy. Or would it be so ___________ either way im sayin, if you ask me im ready. If you ask me im ready.
  • wonderful
  • beautiful
  • typical
  • magical
  • 8
    (Beyonce') I got gloss on my lips, a man on my hips, hold me tighter than my Dereon jeans. Actin up, drink in my cup....
  • dont treat me to these things of the world
  • say im the one you want
  • now u wanna trip cuz another brother noticed me
  • i can care less what you think
  • 9
    (Lil Wayne) She threw me in the car, she shut off all the lights, she said i have the right.......
  • to a lawyer
  • to remain silent
  • drive the car
  • to resist arrest
  • 10
    (Lil Wayne) Mrs. Officer, i know you wish your name was....
  • Mrs. Dwayne, huh.
  • wee oh wee oh wee- like a cop car!
  • Mrs. Carter, huh.
  • Mrs. Michael, huh.
  • 11
    (New Boyz) But i aint gon' put up wit u talkin bout how she make you uncomfortable, i mean, sh*t, im only ___ and um, a perfect couple's only in a dream.
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • 19
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