Panic! Lyrics Quiz

Fill in the blanks or give me the song title

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"Here's the setting, fashion magazines line the walls now. The walls line the _______ Holes"
  • Rabbit
  • Bullet
  • Drunken
  • Drilled
  • 2
    "I know it's mad, but if I go to ________ would you go with me or just leave? I know it's mad, but if the world were ending would you ________ me or just _______ me?"
  • Heaven; Kiss; Kill
  • Hell; Kiss; Kill
  • Hell; Love; Leave
  • Hell; Kiss; Leave
  • 3
    "Lying there with a halo in her hair, she _______, there are _________ everywhere, but it's fine"
  • Laughs; Feathers
  • Cries; Feathers
  • Smiles; Angels
  • Cries; Angels
  • 4
    Are these the correct lyrics from, "Behind the Sea?" "A daydream spills from my gold head, breaks free of my wooden neck."
  • Yes
  • No
  • 5
    "I feel the ________ waves come in, I feel them crash __________ my _________, and I _______ as I respire because I know they'll _________ win."
  • chilly; against; body; smile; never
  • salty; against; face; cheer; always
  • crystal; against; skin; smile; never
  • salty; against; skin; smile; never
  • 6
    "________ to the _________ oh __________ back tears, and keep telling yourself that I'm a ________."
  • Talk; mirror; choke; diva
  • whisper; mirror; choke; diva
  • talk; mirror; hold; loser
  • whisper; mirror; hold; diva
  • 7
    If all our life was but a _________, fantastic posing ________, then we should ________ our _________ to the sea, for __________ do appear to be just like broken glass to me."
  • acid trip; greed; give; jewelry; rubies
  • dream; joy; feed; money; sapphires
  • dream; greed; throw; jewelry; diamonds
  • dream; greed; feed; jewelry; diamonds
  • 8
    Okay this is a tough one, " _________ what a _________ __________ of intimacy. Tonight's __________ range from a __________ and a ___________ accessorizing with a _________ ___________ inside her lingere."
  • Inside; wonderful; display; tennants; lawyer; doctor; diamond ring; stowed
  • inside; beautiful; caricature, guests; lawyer; virgin; diamond ring; tucked
  • inside; wonderful; caricature; tennants; lawyer; virgin; rosary; tucked
  • inside; beautiful; display; guests; doctor; virgin; rosary; stowed
  • 9
    What song? "Inside what a wonderful caricature of intimacy."
  • I write sins not tragedies
  • I constantly thank god for estaban
  • Build god then we'll talk
  • Time to dance
  • 10
    "She ________ the _________ upon a _________, but she didn't ever ________ me. Spun the stars on her ___________."
  • held; wind; grasp; love; fingertips
  • held; world; string; hold; fingernails
  • held; world; string; love; fingernails
  • held; world; string; hold; fingertips
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