WEEDS ... Are you a faithful fan of the green

This is quiz on the showtime hit Weeds ... we will cover from season 1 to last .
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Andy is shane and silas brother ?
  • Yes
  • No
  • 2
    what is nancy's last name
  • Hoedes
  • Samburg
  • Merelli
  • Botwin
  • 3
    what is the name of the housekeeper
  • Chavez
  • pular
  • ezmerelda
  • lupita
  • 4
    what was the name of the strand of weed conrad grew for nancy
  • Kind bud
  • lemon kush
  • whitte widow ( remember her husband just died )
  • MilF weed
  • 5
    What happened to andys toes
  • He shot them off to get out of the military
  • a dog bit them off
  • he got them squished under a rock
  • conrad took them ransom
  • 6
    what is the name of thier original neighborhood
  • angelo
  • pedrock
  • majestic
  • agrestic
  • 7
    Isabell put these pills in her mothers diet pill bottle
  • oxycontin
  • horse tranquilizer
  • immodium
  • exstacy
  • 8
    When Nancy ignored Andy's request to join in on the faux bakery, he decided to sell his own stuff in Agrestic. What happened to Andy after he went to Heylia's house and made a purchase?
  • He was car jacked
  • his van was hit by a bus
  • he was pulled over by a bicycle cop
  • nancy stole it
  • 9
    who did doug claim sold him weed in collage
  • laura bush
  • oprah winfrey
  • dr phil
  • bill o rielly
  • 10
    what did cealia call her daughter
  • gay
  • ugly
  • super- high
  • isabelly
  • 11
    What does lupita find in nancy's pillowcase?
  • Vicodin
  • a gun
  • weed
  • a stolen credit card
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