veronica mars quiz

A few questions on the television series veronica mars
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at the end of season three veronica and logan are not together veronica is with piz but do veronica and logan still love each other
  • Yes
  • No
  • 2
    Who is veronica mars' first love
  • Logan Echolls
  • Wallace Fenel
  • Duncan Kane
  • None of the above
  • 3
    veronica loved Logan.duncan and wallace
  • True
  • False
  • 4
    In the pilot what colour dress is she wearing the morning she leaves shelly pomroy's house
  • Red
  • Black
  • White
  • Purple
  • 5
    what word does Logan use to describe his and veronica's relationship
  • destined
  • epic
  • meant to be
  • none of the above
  • 6
    why does Aaron Echolls Kill Lilly Kane
  • He didn't it was someone else
  • Because she hid the tapes from him and wouldn't give them back
  • she lied to him
  • she cheated on him
  • 7
    what is the reason for logan breaking up with veronica in season three
  • She has been cheating on him
  • He loves somone else
  • He thinks she doesn't loves him anymore
  • none of the above
  • 8
    in season one when logan's dad throws him a supprise birthday party what does logan say to his dad
  • wow dad what a suprise
  • you shouldn't have
  • he doesn't say anything he is speachless
  • is this pary three months late or nine months early
  • 9
    what does logan do after saying the following "it's okay i don't have to feel guilty anymore"
  • break down crying
  • walks away
  • kisses veronica
  • none of the above
  • 10
    why are wallace and veronica best friends
  • they grew up together
  • there not friends
  • veronica cut him down from a flag pole
  • she took a case of him
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