The One With The Embryos Game Show

Quiz on the large-scale bet between Monica/Rachel and Joey/Chandler to see who knows whom better

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How did Joey and Chandler know that Rachel would've bought scotch tape at the store?
  • It's Joey and Chandler, they just know
  • They cheated
  • They used it all up to fix Monicas table, which they broke
  • They used it all up making scary faces
  • 2
    Who wins the original coin-toss to see who goes first?
  • Rachel/Monica
  • Tie
  • Nobody
  • Joey/Chandler
  • 3
    Which of these is not one of the quiz categories?
  • It's all relative
  • Miscellaneous
  • Fears and Pet peeves
  • Literature
  • 4
    What is Monica's biggest pet peeve?
  • Animals dressed as humans
  • Dirty dishes left in the sink
  • Humans dressed as animals
  • Rachel leaving her dirty laundry around
  • 5
    According to Chandler, what phenomenon scares the bejeezus out of him?
  • Joey hitting on a woman
  • Caterpillars turning into butterflies
  • Michael Flatley
  • Airplanes taking off
  • 6
    Who answered the correct name of Ross/Monica's recently deceased grandmother?
  • Chandler
  • Joey
  • Neither, they got it wrong
  • 7
    What name appears on the address label of the TV Guide sent to Joey/Chandler's apartment?
  • Chandler Bing
  • Joey Tribbiani
  • Ms. Chinandler Bong
  • Mr. Kenneth Adams
  • Regina Philange
  • 8
    What is the name of Chandler's Father's all-male burlesque show?
  • Viva Las Gaygas
  • Great Sexpectations
  • Ocean's 11 Inches
  • Edward Penishands
  • Good Will Humping
  • 9
    Why does Rachel want to get rid of the Duck?
  • He wakes her up every morning
  • He smells like old sausage
  • He quacks at her every time she sees it
  • He gets the Rooster all riled up
  • 10
    What was Monica's Nickname when she was a Field Hockey Goalie?
  • Bench-Warmer
  • She didn't play field hockey
  • The Enforcer
  • Big Fat Goalie
  • 11
    What is Rachel's real favorite movie?
  • Dangerous Liasons
  • City Slickers
  • Little Mermaid
  • Weekend at Bernies
  • 12
    How many different types of towels does Monica have?
  • 4
  • 7
  • 9
  • 11
  • 23
  • 13
    What is Maurice's profession?
  • Space Cowboy
  • MacGyvers side kick
  • Robins sidekick
  • James Bond's sidekick
  • Mail Man
  • 14
    What question did Rachel/Monica miss to lose the bet?
  • What are Joey's sisters names?
  • What is Chandler's job?
  • Where did Joey and Chandler meet?
  • How many women has Joey slept with?
  • Unanswered questions will be marked as wrong