Repo! The Genetic Opera

For all of you sadistic fans of industrial goth operas
CREATED BYcosmogothgal

Who has had no part in making repo the genetic opera?
  • Alexa Vega
  • Blasko
  • Paris Hilton
  • Joan Jett
  • Nivek Ogre
  • Darren Smith
  • Tim Burrton
  • Terrance Zdunich
  • 2
    Compleate the sentence: "Out from the night from the mist steps a figure no one knows his name for sure he stands at six foot six, head and shoulders, __________________
  • Say you once bought a heart or new cornias
  • Pray he never comes knocking at your door
  • We will live in fear of the repo man
  • New body parts were needed to perfect our image
  • Until our debts our clear we will live in fear of the
  • Blood bath it's gonna be a blood bath
  • No one crosses gene co not even repo
  • 3
    Who was the Bassist that work on the song Zydrate Anatomy?
  • Jimmy Blanton
  • John Mosas
  • Blasko
  • Markus James Klepaski
  • Mike Dirnt
  • Dave Pybus
  • Simon Gallup
  • 4
    What band did the bassist who worked on zydrate anatomy belong to?
  • Skinny Puppy
  • Ozzy Osbourne
  • Marilyn Manson
  • Green Day
  • Cradle of Filth
  • Breaking Benjamin
  • The Cure
  • Def Leppard
  • 5
    Which one of these is false
  • Paris Hilton plays amber Sweet and Amber Sweet is addicted to surgery
  • The guy who plays Rotti is also in the romeo and juliet with leonardo dicaprio
  • Blind Mag's character was not written for Sarah Brightman
  • The Guitarist in Seventeen is a boy
  • Chrommagia is about a bird
  • All of these are correct
  • 6
    During the song Seventeen the stuffed animals in Shilo's room are dancing
  • True
  • False
  • 7
    Which one of these is false
  • Paris Hilton plays Amber Sweet
  • Nivek Ogre plays Pavi
  • Alexa Vega plays Shilo
  • Terrance Zdunich plays Grave Robber
  • Sarah Brightman plays Blind Mag
  • None, abcde are all true
  • These are all false
  • Both a and c are false
  • 8
    The genetic opera is the floor show at the end of REPO... What character at the floor show doesn't get physicaly injured in some way or get killed?
  • Amber Sweet
  • Rotti Largo
  • Nathan Wallace
  • The Repo Man
  • Blind Mag
  • Grave Robber
  • Carmella Largo
  • Shilo Wallace
  • 9
    Who was not a character affected by any of Marni's relationships?
  • Marni
  • Blind Mag
  • Nathan
  • Rotti
  • Shilo
  • Grave robber
  • 10
    Why is it always night time in repo?
  • No one really knows why
  • It's a goth opera
  • Pollution
  • Symbolism
  • None of the above
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