Songs of HSM

If you kno the songs you shouldn't have a problem

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Finish the line: "All together we see it coming.... More than you, more than me...."
  • "I never want to leave..."
  • "We have just reached our dreams"
  • "Not a want but a need"
  • "Can't you see it's a need"
  • 2
    Finish the line: "More than hope, More than faith...."
  • "This is true, can't you see"
  • "This is true, this is faith"
  • "This is true, this is great"
  • "This is true, this is me"
  • 3
    Finish the line: "Of something feels so right...."
  • "to live with you"
  • "to be with you"
  • "to sing with you"
  • "to be here with you"
  • 4
    Finish the line: "Look at me and what do you see..."
  • "a girl thats really smart"
  • "smartness in the flesh"
  • "a girl with real long hair"
  • "intelligence beyond compare"
  • 5
    What did the skater dude like to do?
  • Play the cello
  • Bake
  • Read Books
  • Skate duh!
  • 6
    Finish the line: "I've never had someone that knows me like you do, the way you do...."
  • "i've never had someone so perfect as you, no one like you"
  • "i'm glad i found someone as good for me as you, no one like you"
  • "i've never had someone as good for me as you, no one like you"
  • "i'm glad i found someone as perfect as you, no one like you"
  • 7
    Finish the line: "Coach said to fake right, and break left..."
  • "pass to the right, and then take the shot..."
  • "watch out for the pick, and keep an eye on defense..."
  • "watch out for the other team's defense..."
  • "take the shot, then get on defense..."
  • 8
    Finish the line: "A second chance, Gotta grab it and go...."
  • "maybe this time, we'll make a goal..."
  • "maybe this time, we'll hit the right notes..."
  • "maybe this time, i'll sing the right notes..."
  • "maybe this time, you'll hit the right notes..."
  • 9
    Finish the line: "We're all here and speaking out with one voice..."
  • "we're going to rock the house (rock the house)..."
  • "we make eachother strong (eachother strong)..."
  • "together's where we belong..."
  • "we're gonna scream and shout (scream and shout)..."
  • 10
    Finish the line: "It's funny when you find yourself...."
  • "thinking you're so special..."
  • "trying to fit in..."
  • "singing with no music..."
  • "looking from the outside..."
  • 11
    Bonus: Gabriella and Troy FINALLY kiss in THIS movie or they wait til the second
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  • False
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