Will & Grace season 3 quiz

Some questions are hard,.....others are easy :)
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In the episode 'New Will City', where is Will on vacation?
  • Cayman Islands
  • Fire Island
  • Virgin Islands
  • Christmas Island
  • Greek Islands
  • Hawaiian Islands
  • Solomon Islands
  • Marshall Islands
  • 2
    In the episode 'Fear and Clothing', Will tells Jack that he may want to grab onto something heavy when they go to investigate Grace's apartment. What does Jack grab onto?
  • Grace
  • Large book
  • Lamp
  • Will
  • Karen
  • Fry pan
  • Walking stick
  • Shoe
  • 3
    In the episode 'Husbands & Trophy Wives', what is the one thing that both Jack and Will remember doing during their last visit to Joe and Larry's house in the South Hamptons when they were drunk?
  • Sleeping with a women
  • Getting arrested
  • Making out with Larry
  • Getting into a car accident
  • Singing show tunes
  • Dancing on table-tops
  • Making out with Joe
  • Making out with a random guy in the hot tub
  • 4
    In the episode 'Girl Trouble', what character does Jack play in Will's gay sensitivity seminar dramatisation?
  • Cher
  • A lesbian-loving, international financier, hummer driving man who dresses entirely to the left
  • A police officer
  • A man who is offensive to lesbians
  • Jack 2000
  • Just Jack
  • Jack 2001
  • Jack 2002
  • 5
    In the episode 'Grace 0, Jack 2000', who did Will hook up with?
  • Stanley Walker
  • Kevin Bacon
  • Jack McFarland
  • Will's ex-boyfriend Michael
  • Beverly Leslie
  • A souvlaki vendor
  • Ben Doucette
  • Grace's ex-boyfriend Josh
  • 6
    In the same episode, where did Will and this person end up making out?
  • Taco Bell
  • Doorway of the Republican Headquarters
  • Russian Tearoom
  • Will's apartment
  • Coffee shop
  • Grace's office
  • Restaurant bathroom
  • Central park
  • 7
    In the episode 'Love Plus One', who is Karen on the phone talking 'dirty' to in the opening scene?
  • Beverly Leslie
  • Grace's ex-boyfriend Nicholas
  • Stanley Walker
  • Jack McFarland
  • The UPS guy
  • A client
  • Her lover
  • No one, she is talking to herself
  • 8
    In the episode 'Gypsies, Tramps & Weed', instead of bringing him his chocolate birthday souffle, what does the waiter bring Will instead?
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Lemon Pie
  • Hash Brownies
  • Broccoli Quiche
  • Cold soup
  • Baby-Back ribs
  • A Steak
  • Cappuccino
  • 9
    In the episode 'Lows in the Mid-Eighties', Karen and Jack describe Pam's boyfriend Tom as being what?
  • A pocket Gay
  • A batterer
  • A Knicks fan
  • A delusional, fairy costume wearing, man loving, Boy George obsessed gay with an eating disorder
  • A big, flamingfeatherwearing, mankissing, discodancing, vermontliving, ChristinaAguileraloving Queer
  • Fag hag
  • A hot gay nerd
  • A closet gay man
  • 10
    In the episode 'Three's a crowd, six is a freakshow', when asked was her stepson Mason's interests were, what does Karen reply?
  • Food
  • Barbies
  • Vodka
  • Video games
  • Jewellery
  • Energy drinks
  • Tv
  • Ham
  • 11
    In the episode 'Coffee & committment', how much did the kayak that Will brought for Joe and Larry's same sex civil union ceremony, cost?
  • $1000
  • $1000000
  • $400
  • It was free
  • $200
  • $150
  • $2
  • $20
  • 12
    In the same episode, when Grace had no time to prepare a gift for Joe and Larry's same sex civil union ceremony, what did she end up getting them?
  • An imprint of her hand in cement surrounded by a nest of twigs that she made when she was 12 at Camp
  • A pack of gum
  • A photo of her
  • A piggy bank that she has had since she was 10
  • She wrote them a cheque for $200
  • She gave them the bottle of water she had found in the rental car they used to drive to the ceremony
  • She wrote them a cheque for $100
  • She gave them a lock of her hair tied up in a bow of ribbon which was placed in a wooden box
  • 13
    In the same episode, what did Grace end up doing with her gift?
  • She threw it at Will's head
  • She set it on fire
  • She threw it in the garbage
  • She threw it in the fireplace at the reception
  • She put it in Jacks pants
  • She used it as a place to stick her gum
  • She put it in Karen's purse
  • She put it down her shirt to make her breasts bigger
  • 14
    In the episode 'Swimming Pools..... Movie Stars', who did Sandra Bernhard play?
  • Karen's back up maid
  • Karen's pastry chef
  • Herself
  • Jack's best friend from high school
  • A nun
  • Cher
  • A real estate agent
  • Jack's old babysitter
  • 15
    In the episode 'Crazy In Love', what is Will doing in the opening scene?
  • Giving himself a manicure
  • Making pancakes in the kitchen for breakfast
  • Tweezing his ear and nose hair
  • Singing a song
  • Dancing with himself
  • Kissing his date from the night before
  • Shaving his legs
  • Reading in the nude
  • 16
    Finish this sentence from Karen Walker - 'Well looked what the cat Cleaned up, Showered, Exfoliated, Powered, Lipsticked, ..............
  • Nail polished and brought in.....
  • And dragged in.....
  • Guccied and dragged in....
  • Blushed and kicked out.....
  • And kicked out....
  • Manicured and dragged in....
  • Pedicured and kicked out......
  • Armanied and brought in.....
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