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questions about high school college and wedding in las vegas

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who was the executive producer of the show
  • Bennet Tramer
  • Peter Engel
  • Don Barnhart
  • Jeffrey Sachs
  • 2
    what was the name of slater's pet
  • artie
  • arnie
  • augie
  • autie
  • 3
    what was the name of the band Lisa, Zach, Screech, Slater, and Tori were in
  • Zach Attack
  • Hot Sundaes
  • 5 Aces
  • 4
    who were the two new roommates in college years
  • Lisa and Alexis
  • Jessie and Katie
  • Kelly and Stacy
  • Alex and Leslie
  • 5
    was mister belding in a college years episode
  • Yes
  • No
  • 6
    what job did Zach and screech get to get back the money Zach lost in wedding in Las Vegas
  • male escorts
  • waiters
  • doorman
  • caddy
  • 7
    what country did slaters old girlfriend Jennifer come from
  • england
  • italy
  • germany
  • france
  • 8
    in episode rockumentary after the band breaks up what does lisa do as a career
  • model
  • us gladiator
  • fasion stylist
  • singer
  • 9
    what episode do jessie and slater break up in
  • cut day
  • breaking up is hard to undo
  • date auction
  • the last dance
  • 10
    in episode date auction who is zach' s date to the dance
  • kelly
  • leslie
  • wendy
  • tori
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