Michael Jacksons life

A quiz about his life and music.

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Michaels first solo single was Dont stop till you get enough
  • True
  • False
  • 2
    Michael was the youngest son in his family.
  • True
  • False
  • 3
    Michael left motown to join CBS leaving one brother behind. Who?
  • Jermaine
  • Tito
  • Jackie
  • Marlon
  • 4
    The most expensive video he made was...
  • thriller
  • smooth crimanal
  • scream
  • say say say
  • 5
    Paul mccartney and michael Jackson fell out becuse..
  • michael got more praise for say say say
  • michael refused to be in anymore videos with him
  • michael bought most of the beetles songs
  • michael didnt get on with his wife
  • 6
    Thriller was the second most expensive video ever made at that time.
  • Yes
  • No
  • 7
    Michael met Jordie Chandler...
  • in a hospital
  • after his car broke down
  • he was dating his mom
  • his dad was michaels manager
  • 8
    What friend introduced him to martin bashir?
  • uri geller
  • David Gest
  • Princess Diana
  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • 9
    Michael wanted to be the first person to...
  • moonwalk on the moon
  • be the first singer to be black and white
  • have the biggest reunitied tour with his brothers
  • have a zoo
  • 10
    He has now become the richest dead celebrity.
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  • False
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