For Real Fans of Will and Grace!

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During one of Karen´s visits to Will´s house, she said, Hello, Wag! What did Will respond to that?
  • What do you want Karen?
  • Wag?
  • Good thing my name wasn´t Frank
  • She means Will and Grace...WAG
  • 2
    During the halloween episode, Jack and Karen went down town where Karen got her Drag queen name. What was it?
  • Jackie Beat
  • 125th bobby
  • Sho Sho Fontana
  • Eclair
  • 3
    What was Grace´s saddest childhood moment?
  • When her father died.
  • When she discovered that hampsters cant fly.
  • When Will told her he was gay
  • When her mom was casted as leading woman on a play!
  • 4
    What was Grace´s nickname in highschool?
  • Grace big feet
  • Grace flat chested
  • Red cross Adler
  • Gross Adler
  • 5
    What was Grace´s first method of birth control.
  • prayer
  • abstinence
  • double panties
  • pills
  • 6
    What does Grace want to name her first baby girl?
  • Lilly
  • Elizabeth
  • mariah
  • Ashley
  • 7
    Whats Graces middle name?
  • Elizabeth
  • Kathy
  • Lisa
  • Marie
  • 8
    Who did Willl have an affair with while still seeing Michael?
  • Carlos
  • Philip
  • Marlow
  • Steven
  • 9
    What three movies did Grace rented after finding out that will had an affair?
  • The exorcism of Emily Rose, Endless love, pretty woman
  • Titanic, Scary Movie, Esmerald Forest,
  • An affair to remember, I know what you did last summer and the client.
  • Mr and Mrs Smith, Tomb Rider, Finding Nemo
  • 10
    Who said this? No! What you asked for was an independent life so go home play, with your hair and read in the nude?
  • Rosario
  • Jack
  • Grace
  • Will
  • 11
    During one of the live episodes, who said this...What prescribtion plan are you on by the way...I wonder.
  • Jack
  • Karen
  • Rosario
  • Grace
  • 12
    We had a saying in the island. ....Maka Maka Lana, lana makalui....what did Will say after this.
  • it will get better!
  • there are more fish in the sea
  • I dont know, I just cant believe you ended up with another gay guy!
  • dont give up!
  • 13
    Who said this...This is what really bugs me about you. You are honest. You are not manipulative. You have no agenda. Its like you are talking in code.
  • Rosario
  • Bobby Adler
  • Will
  • Karen
  • 14
    Who said this: When i prayed to the Maddonna for a husband I guess I should´ve been more specific.
  • Jack
  • Grace|
  • Rosario
  • Cher
  • 15
    Who said this? I know what guilt is. Its one of those touchy feelings that dont really mean anything like addiction or maternal.
  • Will
  • Grace
  • Jack
  • Karen
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