Bones 1st Season

Trivia about the episode of the first season

In the first episode, what threatens Brennan to scream if Booth does not stop the truck and let her get off?
  • Kidnapped!
  • I am the one with the doctorate!
  • I'm glad we had a revolution! Aaaa!
  • 2
    In the episode "The Man on the Fairway", what made Zack and Dr. Hodgins in the wood chipper?
  • The body of a tiger
  • A barrel of wine
  • A frozen pig
  • 3
    In the episode "Two Bodies in the Lab", what song sing Booth and Brennan before the explosion?
  • Piano Man (Billy Joel)
  • Hot Blooded (Foreigner)
  • Keep on trying (Poco)
  • 4
    In the episode "A Man on Death Row", what Zack and Hodgins were doing when Booth asks them for help?
  • They're racing beetles
  • Building a random generator
  • Refilling a empty head (without bones) with air like a balloon
  • 5
    In the episode "A Man on Death Row", who fills the request that Brennan can carry a gun?
  • Caroline Julians
  • Agent Sullivan
  • Seeley Booth
  • 6
    In the episode "The Man with the Bone", who attributed the fact to appoint Na Harom?
  • Na Harom
  • Hodgins
  • Brennan
  • 7
    In the episode "The Man in the Fallout Shelter", where Angela puts the Christmas tree?
  • In Wong Foo's
  • In Angelator
  • In Limbo
  • 8
    In "The Man in the Morgue", how to stop the voodoo spell of Brennan Benoit?
  • She twists his arm
  • She shot in the leg
  • She pokes him in the eyes
  • 9
    In the episode "The Man in the Morgue", what object shows Booth to Brennan to refute his argument that "objects have no intrinsic power"?
  • A dolphin
  • Her mother's earring
  • Her mother`s headstone
  • 10
    In "The Man in the Wall", how does Booth find to Brennan in the disco which was to dance with Angela?
  • Drugged
  • Dancing with people who wanted to get information from her
  • Singing "Girls just to wanna have fun"
  • 11
    In "The Woman in Limbo", where does Booth find to Brennan's brother, Russ?
  • Visiting his girlfriend's daughter in hospital
  • Entering to the Booth's office in FBI
  • Repairing a wheel in an amusement park
  • 12
    In "The Man in the SUV", what is Tessa doing when Angela finds her and starts talking to her?
  • Entering to the FBI with a very short skirt
  • Kissing her ex-husband, Grayson Barasa
  • She was eating a fat free muffin and reading a book about unsolved FBI cases
  • 13
    In "The Woman in the Garden", why is Booth delayed to the burial of Maria and her father?
  • He is caught by GraveDigger
  • He was threatening to Ortez
  • He is in a coma after a surgery
  • 14
    In "The woman in the Airport", what reason has Brennan got to drive the car?
  • Booth had lied in the kind of car rented and she was blackmailing him
  • Booth wanna give a joy to Brennan
  • Booth is training Brennan to drive a car
  • 15
    In the episode "The Man on the Fallout Shelter", why did Angela need Brennan to accompany her to the Christmas Party?
  • To don't let her photocopy her butts
  • To not see her ex-husband
  • Because there were security cameras
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