How well do you know High School Musical 2?

This is a quiz on some lines from the movie, some songs, and just some of the action.
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In the song, "You Are The Music In Me", when Gabriella hears her favorite song, she knows what?
  • She knows that her and Troy will be together forever.
  • She knows that Troy loves Sharpay and not her.
  • She knows that her and Troy belong.
  • She believes in miracles.
  • 2
    When Mr. Fulton tells the staff how to ask a question to a member, specifically Sharpay, and demonstrates on Jason, what does Jason say?
  • "But I'm not Miss Evans, I'm Jason."
  • "Miss Evans isn't here right now."
  • "Who's Miss Evans?"
  • "Oh, you mean Sharpay!"
  • 3
    Who wins the baseball game during the song, "I Don't Dance"?
  • Sharpay's Team
  • Chad's Team
  • Ryan's Team
  • Troy's Team
  • 4
    Troy doesn't want to play the game if he can't what in the song, "Bet On It"?
  • If he can't win.
  • If Chad plays too.
  • If Gabriella breaks up with him.
  • If he can't play it his way.
  • 5
    Why did the Wildcats choose Troy as their captain? Chad said why in their argument in the kitchen.
  • Because Troy's the guy that usually knows what's up.
  • Because he's the most popular guy in school.
  • Because he's nice.
  • Because no one is as good as him at basketball.
  • 6
    When Troy shows up late for his and Gabriella's date, Gabriella tells Taylor, "Well, it wasn't an official date-time thing." What does Taylor tell Gabriella so earnestly?
  • "Girl, you need to break up with that boy."
  • "I can't believe he's late, aren't you angry Gabriella?"
  • "Uh-uh, Rule #3: all dates are official, whether the boy knows it or not."
  • "Uh-uh, all dates are official."
  • 7
    What is one of the many things Gabriella tells Sharpay during their confrontation before "Gotta Go My Own Way"?
  • "You are just a mean person that can't get any friends!"
  • "What makes you think that Troy will leave all his friends to sing with you Sharpay?"
  • "Is there a reason you are so mean to everyone?"
  • "No thanks Sharpay, you're very good at a game that I don't want to play."
  • 8
    During the song, "Gotta Go My Own Way", when Troy asks, "What about us? What about everything we've been through," what is Gabriella's reply?
  • "What about me?"
  • "I gotta leave, but I'll miss you."
  • "What about trust?"
  • "I gotta go my own way."
  • 9
    What did Ryan's mom say after calling him Ducky?
  • "How's my dashing boy?"
  • "Tell Sharpay to quit worrying, she'll get wrinkles."
  • "Tell Sharpay these are her school chums."
  • "These aren't the fuddy-duddy staff here at Lava Springs."
  • 10
    In "Humuhumunukunukuapua'a", who gets extremely angry?
  • Sharpay
  • Troy
  • Gabriella
  • Ryan
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