Multiple Genres

This is for people who listen to ALL kinds of music!
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And tonight will go on forever while...
  • we talk and talk, this goes on for hours.
  • we walk around this town like we own the streets.
  • we're running in circles again.
  • 2
    Got me going to the extreme. Won't do without it...
  • 'cause, baby, you're the right kind of wrong.
  • I get this feeling when I'm in love.
  • this vibe has got a hold on me.
  • 3
    When you see me coming, you better back down...
  • 'cause I've been waiting to smack you around.
  • convince yourself that it's not the reason you don't see the sun anymore.
  • you should never try to change me, I can be no body else.
  • 4
    The night is young, and...
  • I'll never let you go, don't ever forget.
  • they hatin' on me, think they know me.
  • the music's high.
  • 5
    "Three sixty five days a year, twenty four a day, seven days a week" is from what song ?
  • A. M. To P. M. By Christina Milian
  • How You Love Me Now by Hey Monday
  • Party by Demi Lovato
  • 6
    What song starts off with the lyrics "A few questions that I need to know"
  • The Piano Knows Something I Don't Know by Panic At The Disco
  • Never Ever by All Saints
  • It's Over by Jesse McCartney
  • 7
    Julie, Julie, don't you know you're riding on _______?
  • a rollercoaster
  • the biggest pony
  • a carousel
  • 8
    According to the song And She Was by Talking Heads, she could hear what breathing?
  • The highway.
  • Her boyfriend.
  • The wind.
  • 9
    I don't practice Santeria, I ain't got no crystal ball. Well, I had...
  • no place to go. Surrender my heart, body, and soul.
  • a ticket to ride, and she don't care.
  • a million dollars, but I spent it all.
  • 10
    He asked if I would come along, I started to realize that everyday he finds just what he's looking for. What kind of day is it?
  • Any other day
  • Ordinary day
  • Blue-sky day
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