LA - FRIENDS Season 7

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After Chandler propses to Monica, Monica is out on the balcony yelling "I'm engaged!" Meanwhile Ross Comes over to the apartment with champagne and a candy bar for Joey. What kinda of candy bar does he bring?
  • Snikers
  • 3 musketeers
  • Milky Way
  • Twix
  • 2
    How old was Monica when her parents bought a beach house?
  • 15
  • 18
  • 20
  • 23
  • 3
    Rachel teaches Joey how to sail, she tells him to step to the port side. What is the port side?
  • right
  • left
  • front
  • back
  • 4
    Rachel gets promoted at Ralph Lauren. What is her new job title?
  • sales associate
  • division leader for mens sports wear
  • assistant buyer
  • merchandising manager for polo retail
  • 5
    What is the nickname of the guy Pheobe meets at the coffee house who is going through a divorce?
  • hums while he pees
  • lingers in the bathroom
  • hott coffee house dude
  • stud muffin
  • 6
    What is the name of Chandler's camp girlfriend?
  • Kelly
  • Ronda
  • Julie
  • Valerie
  • 7
    Monica runs into Janice at her restaurant and Janice sees Monica's engagment ring. Janice tells Monica she is seeing someone and the two of them plan to go on a double date. What is Janice's boyfriends name?
  • Clark
  • Josh
  • Sid
  • Dave
  • 8
    What is described at "little drops of heaven"
  • coffee
  • mints
  • cough drops
  • candy
  • 9
    Who dresses up as Santa?
  • Ross
  • Joey
  • Chandler
  • Jack
  • 10
    Where is the bakery located that the cheesecake came from?
  • Chicago
  • NYC
  • Miami
  • Washington DC
  • 11
    Where did Rachel plant the folder she thought she gave Tag earlier that day?
  • at the bottom of a pile of papers on top of his desk?
  • in his filing cabinet
  • in his bottom desk drawer
  • under his desk
  • 12
    Ross tries to play the 50 states game and at the end of the episode thinks he finally has them all. Chandler looks over the list a realizes Ross has one state on there twice. What state is it?
  • South Dakota
  • Utah
  • Nevada
  • Ohio
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