Prince Trivia

Lyrics to various Prince Songs
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I spend my night just a cryin' and i spend my days..
  • just a dyin'
  • lookin' for that love
  • just a tryin'
  • just a lyin'
  • 2
    Here we are ___________ staring each other down.
  • in an empty room
  • in this big room
  • in this big old empty room
  • in this small empty room
  • 3
    In "International Lover," what is asked to do until the air craft has come to a complete stop?
  • Please remain awake
  • Please put seats in upright position
  • Please keep seatbealts fastened
  • Please remained clothed
  • 4
    The movie Purple Rain was debut in 1985.
  • True
  • False
  • 5
    In "Lady Cab Driver" what is the first thing said to the cab driver
  • roll up your window fast
  • how much do you cost
  • how long can you drive
  • can you take me for a ride
  • 6
    17 year old boys and their idea of fun....
  • being high on crack cocaine
  • being in a gang called the deciples
  • being in a gang totin a machine gun
  • being high on crack totin a machine gun
  • 7
    What Bible verse is quoted in Dear Mr. Man?
  • Song of Solomon 7:6
  • Psalms 83:18
  • Revelations 14:3
  • Mathew 5:5
  • 8
    Whenever I feel like givin' up. Whenever my sunshine turns, to rain. Whenever my hopes and dreams, ___________. She's always there.
  • seem to be incomplete
  • are fallin' apart
  • are aimed in the wrong direction
  • give me pain
  • 9
    In 2001 Prince was Baptized as a Jehovaha's Witness?
  • True
  • False
  • 10
    The movie Purple Rain Prince's character goes by the name?
  • Prince
  • Billy
  • Morris
  • The Kid
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