Breakin' Up Is Hard To Do...

Do you know the reasons for these breakups?
CREATED BYuhanekai

Why did Rachel and Mark break up?
  • Because he was cheating on her with a co-worker
  • Because she was still in love with Ross
  • Because Ross threatened him
  • Because he hated Monica
  • 2
    Why did Chandler and Kathy break up?
  • Because Joey didn't want them together
  • Because Kathy hated Joey
  • Because Kathy was doing sex scenes in plays
  • Because Kathy cheated on Chandler
  • 3
    Why did Rachel and Ross break up the first time?
  • Because Rachel suggested taking a break
  • Because Ross was jealous of Mark
  • Because Rachel found out about the Pros and Cons lists
  • Because Ross slept with Chloe the copygirl
  • 4
    Why did Phoebe and Duncan get a divorce?
  • Because Duncan was gay
  • Because Duncan wasn't in love with her
  • Because Duncan was getting married
  • Because Phoebe didn't realize she was married to him
  • 5
    Why did Monica and Pete break up?
  • Because Monica wasn't attracted to him
  • Because Monica couldn't be there to watch Pete get hurt trying to become the Ultimate Fighting Champ
  • Because he offered her large amounts of money to date him
  • Because he lied to her about getting over her and meeting someone else
  • Because Monica was disappointed that Pete didn't ask her to marry him
  • 6
    Why did Joey and Kate break up?
  • Because Kate decided to move to LA
  • Because Kate was still with the director
  • Because Joey slept with Kate's understudy
  • They never really dated
  • 7
    Why did Monica and Richard break up?
  • Because she wanted kids and he didn't
  • Because Monica liked Chandler
  • Because Monica was scared of commitment
  • Because Richard's daughter didn't like her
  • 8
    What is the real reason Ross and Emily broke up?
  • Because Ross said Rachel instead of Emily at the alter
  • Because Emily didn't trust Ross
  • Because Ross refused to cut Rachel out of his life
  • Because Emily met someone else
  • 9
    Why did Monica break up with Paul the Wine Guy?
  • Because he was an alcoholic
  • Because he actually 'whined' a lot
  • Because he used her for sex
  • Because her friends hated him
  • 10
    What finally ended the on-and-off romantic relationship between Chandler and Janice?
  • No one else liked her
  • Chandler fell for Monica
  • Janice got married
  • She was seeing her soon-to-be-ex husband on the side
  • 11
    The final real break-up between Ross and Rachel, who broke it off and why?
  • Ross- because Rachel was ruining his relationships with others
  • Rachel- because Ross confessed he wouldn't take full blame for his actions
  • Ross- because he met Emily
  • Rachel- because Ross didn't get the annulment
  • 12
    Why did Ross and Charlie break up?
  • Because Ross loved Rachel
  • Because Charlie was disturbed by his drunken behaviour on the double-date night
  • Because Rachel told him to
  • Because Charlie got back with her ex
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