TOW the Embryos

How well did you listen in the chandler + joey vs. monica + rachel quiz?
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What was Joey's childhood friend, (Maurice's) occupation?
  • Racing Cowboy
  • Space Cowboy
  • Space Cow
  • Racing Cow
  • 2
    What was Monica's nickname when she was a field hockey goalie?
  • Fatty fatty goalie
  • Fat goal blocker
  • Big fat goalie
  • Angry fat chick
  • 3
    What is Rachel's favorite movie?
  • Weekend at Bernies
  • Week at Bernies
  • Dangerous Liasons
  • Risky Liasons
  • 4
    What order do Chandler and Joey say that Monica categorizes her towels in?
    • Everyday use
    • Uuuuuuhhhh....... 11?
    • Fancy
    • Fancy Guest

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    When Joey questions Chandler's fear, how does Chandler defend it?
  • His legs go floopy floopy
  • His body is completely separate from his legs
  • Could he BE any creepier?
  • His legs flail about as if independent from his body.
  • 6
    Monica's biggest pet pieve is animals dressed:
  • . (Just animals dressed)
  • as humans
  • as plants
  • as imaginary creatures
  • 7
    Chandler was 19 when he first touched a girl's boob.
  • True
  • False
  • 8
    Who is the TV guide addressed to?
  • Miss Chanandler Bong
  • Mrs Chanandler Bong
  • Miss Chanandler Bing
  • Mr Chanandler Bong
  • 9
    What does Rachel assume Chandlers job is?
  • A transponder
  • A transbonder
  • A transpondster
  • A transbondster
  • 10
    Ross is asked to stop the weird voice three times
  • True
  • False
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