lisa's SBTB quiz

the best show ever.
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what is valley's mascot?
  • tiger
  • spartan
  • bulldog
  • stallion
  • 2
    the gang ended up stayed over night at the mall running away from "villains" and trying to get tickets for what concert?
  • mc hammer
  • U2
  • REM
  • george michael
  • 3
    on what tape of kelly's did zack record subliminal messages?
  • U2
  • bo revere
  • beach boys
  • billy idol
  • 4
    what did zack's birthday cake say at his surprise party at the malibu sands beach club?
  • happy birthday zack
  • happy beach club by the sea
  • happy malibu sands beach club
  • happy wrong number by the sea
  • 5
    what store in the mall did kelly work at over christmas break?
  • mooney's menswear
  • moody's store for men
  • moody's warehouse
  • moody's department store
  • 6
    why did lisa and screech end their school project marriage?
  • lisa hate's screech
  • to act as children for the other couples
  • lisa is allergic to screech
  • screech annoys lisa
  • 7
    who did jessie and slater dress up as for the costume ball in the episode where zack and kelly break up?
  • tarzan and jane
  • peter pan and tinkerbell
  • cleopatra and mark antony
  • romeo and juliet
  • 8
    what is the name of kelly's grandpa's hotel in hawaii?
  • the royal pacific
  • hawaiian inn
  • the hawaiian hideout
  • the hideaway
  • 9
    what hotel do zack and kelly stay in las vegas for their wedding special?
  • caesars palace
  • the stardust
  • the palms
  • the starburst
  • 10
    what is screech's robots name?
  • derek
  • kevin
  • calvin
  • dennis
  • 11
    in one of the junior high episodes, what exclusive group did zack get tricked into pledging?
  • sigmas
  • betas
  • gammas
  • rigmas
  • 12
    what was "zack attack's" manager's name?
  • cindy
  • mindy
  • jenny
  • jennifer
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