One tree hill naley

all the current naley's up til season 6
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How did Nathan end up in a wheel chair?
  • He fell
  • He got in a fight and went through the window
  • He was shot
  • 2
    Did haley ask nathan for a divorce?
  • True
  • False
  • 3
    Why did nathan decide to cut his hair and shave?
  • nanny carrie told him to
  • he wanted to do something nice for haley
  • it looked bad
  • all of the above
  • 4
    Where did nathan propose to haley?
  • on the beach
  • in his bed
  • at karen's cafe
  • outside when he told her he loved her
  • 5
    When does haley tell nathan she's pregnant?
  • 303
  • 305
  • 302
  • 307
  • 6
    What is nathan and haley's first argument?
  • nathan's porn
  • haley found out how they started
  • nathan tries to get haley to have sex
  • birth control
  • 7
    They have a son named....
  • james
  • josh
  • john
  • lucas
  • 8
    What is at the bottom of their pool?
  • a music note
  • a bracelet
  • a basketball
  • 9
    Nathan and haley have a fall out in season five?
  • Yes
  • No
  • 10
    while seeing the therapist what does haley say she likes about nathan?
  • his shirt
  • his basketball ability
  • his body
  • his brains
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