Season 6

The Ultimate Season 6 Quiz
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According to Phoebe her tombstone would read:
  • Phoebe Buffay: burning in hell
  • Phoebe Buffay: buried alive
  • Phoebe Buffay: she lived and now she's dead
  • Phoebe Buffay: died too soon
  • 2
    Ross claims that he gave up a career in basketball to become a paleontologist.
  • True
  • False
  • 3
    What is the name of the game Chandler made up so that he could give some money to Joey?
  • Spoons
  • Popcorn
  • Plates
  • Cups
  • 4
    What is the last name of Janine, Joey's hot roommate?
  • Leroy
  • Lefebvre
  • Lecroix
  • Leitner
  • 5
    Ross/Chandler's Joke was published in which magazine?
  • Playboy
  • Funny Times
  • Mad
  • FHM
  • 6
    What is the name of the porn movie starring Ursula Buffay that Joey bought?
  • Inspect Her Gadget
  • Phoebe Buffy in Buffay The Vampire Layer
  • Ursula Buffay in Buffay The Vapire Layer
  • Sex Toy Story: Lawrence of a Labia
  • 7
    In "The One Where Chandler Can't Cry" what made Chandler cry?
  • By watching Titanic
  • By reading a book
  • By seeing how ross and rachel can't work things out
  • By looking at pictures from his childhood
  • 8
    How much does Rachel bid on the trip to paris at the charity event for kids?
  • $5
  • $20
  • $62
  • $300
  • 9
    What was the name of Joey's boat?
  • The Mozzarella
  • The Mr.Bowmount
  • SS. Minnow Johnson
  • The Red Dragon
  • 10
    Chandler proposed to Monica
  • True
  • False
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