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In TOW the Blackout, what bank's vestibule is Chandler stuck in?
  • They never show the name of the bank
  • Chase Bank
  • Emerson Bank
  • Interstate Bank
  • 2
    In TOW Ross Meets Elizabeth's Dad, Phoebe reveals that she's written how many books?
  • 14
  • 12
  • 7
  • 26
  • 3
    In TOW Chandler Takes a Bath, what is Chandler watching while talking to Monica about not liking baths?
  • Family Matters
  • Entertainment Tonight
  • Miss Congeniality
  • Road Rules
  • 4
    In The One in Vegas - Part 1, which Richard does Joey think Moncia had lunch with?
  • Dreyfuss
  • Dawson
  • Simmons
  • Pryor
  • 5
    In TOW Phoebe's Dad, Phoebe's grandmother reveals that she knows where her real father lives. What fast food restaurant does she reference when giving Phoebe the address?
  • Burger King
  • Taco Bell
  • Wendy's
  • Diary Queen
  • 6
    In TOW Russ, who did Joey promote the Little Major to the Little General for?
  • Angela Delveckio
  • Denise Demarco
  • Isabella Monico
  • Marcia Lively
  • 7
    In TOW Ross' Step Forward, what is the name of the guy Phoebe brings over to have sex with Rachel?
  • Doug
  • Gene
  • Roger
  • Jerry
  • 8
    In TOW the Birthing Video, what does Phoebe give to Joey to cheer him up since he's depressed about not being with Rachel?
  • a drum set
  • homemade cookies
  • a haircut
  • a dog
  • 9
    In TOW the Rumor, Will brings a pie to Thanksgiving dinner, what does Ross bring?
  • cake
  • wine
  • yams
  • cranberries
  • 10
    In TOW All the Rugby, what was the name of the nail salon that Rachel and Chandler run into Jancie at?
  • Nail Stop
  • New York Nails
  • Hi-Tech Nails
  • 14th Street Nails
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