Mean Girls - Quiz

A kinda easy quiz on Mean Girls
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Who plays Regina George ?
  • Rachel McAdams
  • Lindsay Lohan
  • Amanda Seyfried
  • Lacey Chabert
  • 2
    What is a good definition for the Plastics (from the movie) ?
  • Something that melts near heat
  • Mean, pretty, slim plastics
  • Cold, hard shiny plastics
  • Ahhhhhhhhhh!
  • 3
    What is one of the rules if you are in the Plastics group ?
  • Kiss a guy over 156 times if he's hot
  • Wear your hair in a ponytail for only one day a week
  • Wear some shoes to a party and then give them to your friend straight after that
  • Start eating food before anyone else starts
  • 4
    Janice gives Cady a pink shirt to wear.
  • True
  • False
  • 5
    In what order did these events happen ?
    • Regina starts gaining a lot of weight
    • Janice gives her a map of the cafiteria
    • No one is scared of Regina anymore
    • Regina drives the four back to her house
    • Aaron dumps Regina (he finds out she's cheating on him)
    • Regina kisses Aaron when she's meant to be helping Cady get him
    • Cady starts school
    • Damien, Janice and Cady make a plan to make Regina unpopular

    Use your mouse to drag and drop the answers above into the correct order

    On her second day of school, when Cady's mother asked her if she made friends Cady said "Yes" but when her father asked her were people nice did she say "No" ?
  • Yes
  • No
  • 7
    What wasn't Gretchen allowed to wear because Regina told her it was her thing ?
  • Beautiful, diamond earings
  • Expensive, Gold Hoop earings
  • Ruby, Pearl and Silver necklaces
  • A 24 carrot diamond ring with gold embriodery
  • 8
    Regina got her parents room.
  • True
  • False
  • 9
    Where did the Heron family come from ?
  • Africa
  • Australia
  • India
  • Fiji
  • 10
    What is Gretchen's catch phrase ?
  • That's so Fetch
  • Awsomeness!
  • That's like hey ho
  • Eat my shorts
  • D'oh!
  • 11
    What is Karen's extra special talent ?
  • Her breasts just know when it's raining
  • She can tell if someone is crying
  • Her butt can tell if she is sitting down
  • She can hold three things at one time
  • 12
    How does Regina get hurt at the end ?
  • A monkey bites her
  • She gets hit by a bus
  • She goes insane
  • Damien jumps on her and starts hitting her with a pink shirt
  • None of the above
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