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Just use all the Degrassi knowledge you have.
In season 1 ep. Mother and Child Reunion, What was the name of Emma's internet stalker?
  • Chris
  • Jeff
  • Jordan
  • Dave
  • 2
    In season two ep. Shout, who was it that raped Paige?
  • Brandon
  • Dean
  • Gavin
  • Derek
  • 3
    Manny's last name is York
  • True
  • False
  • 4
    In season 4 ep. Secret, who was it that Emma hooked up with, and what std did she get from it?
  • Jay/ ciphilis
  • Spinner/ ghonneria
  • Jay/ ghonneria
  • Spinner/ ciphilis
  • 5
    In season 5 ep. Venus, who got video taped drunk with their top off, and who video taped it?
  • Manny/ Peter
  • Emma/ Sean
  • Emma/ Jay
  • Paige/ Spinner
  • 6
    In season 6 ep. True Colors, what big secret did Emma find out?
  • That Peter was cheating on her with Darcy
  • That Sean was going back to Wasaga
  • That Peter planted pot in Sean's locker
  • That Manny kissed Sean
  • 7
    In season 6 ep. Eyes Without a Face, what was the name of Darcy's online friend?
  • Peter101
  • Josh
  • Alexx
  • Adams
  • 8
    In season 6 ep. Love My Way, why was Snake mad at Emma
  • Because she was going to have sex with Sean
  • Because she protested against what he was teaching
  • Because she threw a party that her parents didn't know about
  • Because she went out and didn't come back until the next day
  • 9
    In season 7 ep. Girls night out, what happened to Mia?
  • Someone stole her daughter
  • Someone spread around a rumer about her
  • She got dumped by her bf
  • She almost got her daughter taken away
  • 10
    Season 7 ep. We Built This City, who is it that comes to sing at the graduates prom?
  • Rihanna
  • Natasha Bendingfeild
  • Beyonce
  • Maroon 5
  • 11
    What character was on Degrassi High?
  • Sean
  • Manny
  • Emma
  • Spinner
  • 12
    In season three ep. Accidents Will Happen, who did Manny run to when she thought she was pregnant?
  • Darcy
  • Spike
  • Her Mom
  • Emma
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