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Marge: No your angry, look your....................
  • smashing beer cans on Barts head!
  • punching the dog right now!
  • punching the cat right now!
  • setting the car on fire!
  • 2
    Arnie Pie: I cant.......
  • lick your feet Homer
  • see through metal Kent
  • kiss you Marge
  • kill myself Troy
  • 3
    Bart: Cmon on Angry Dad get angry........
  • dont make me do a clip show
  • dont make me but a Milhouse character
  • dont make me eat a cow
  • dont make me go bankrupt
  • 4
    Homer: Lisa, Vampires are make-believe, like elves, gremlins........
  • and leprechauns
  • and pixies
  • and eskimos
  • and Jesus
  • 5
    Homer: But Lenny said his dad was...........
  • Babe Ruth
  • Hulk Hogan
  • Michael Jordan
  • Jim Brown
  • 6
    Apu: Hey this is not lending library, put that comic down or.......
  • ill blow your head off
  • ill buy you ice cream
  • ill buy you drugs
  • ill buy you beer
  • 7
    Skinner: Thank you for comming. Homer: Thank you.......
  • for the candy bar
  • for getting me out of work
  • for the marajuana
  • for the Denver Broncos
  • 8
    Ned Flander: Pain......
  • heals all
  • is the clenser
  • hurts
  • didly rocks
  • 9
    Bart: I'm having some side effects from the dope. All I know that................
  • its making gay
  • im paralyzed
  • I smell
  • my testicals wouldnt fit in my underwear
  • 10
    Marge: 8 spices, some must be doubles.......
  • Paprika what the hell
  • Oregano what the hell
  • Parsley what the hell
  • Italian seasoning what the hell
  • 11
    Otto: OMG he's here the dude with the fireproof.......
  • tounge
  • liver
  • stomach
  • pancreas
  • throut(sp)
  • 12
    Ralph: Thats my sandbox. Im not aloud..............
  • to pee in it
  • to go in the deep end
  • to go in it
  • to in the that hole to nowhere
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