Random Genres of Music Lyric's Quiz

If you listen to all kinds of music, then take this quiz...if not, then good luck.
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"I'm not fine, I'm in pain..it's harder everyday, _______________________"
  • I put myself at ease by pretendin she still loves me
  • This love has taken it toll on me
  • Maybe were better off this way
  • I'm gone and I don't need you tonight
  • When you answer the door, pick up the phone.. you won't find me because i'm not coming home
  • 2
    "My eyes cant believe what they have seen, __________________________"
  • In the corner of your room, you stockpiled millions of my memories
  • Would you believe me, if I said I didn't need you?
  • So dive right in
  • Everything we had, is no longer there
  • When they review the debut, what if the critics hate you?
  • 3
    "The memories that you select, you keep the bad, ___________"
  • This is no place, to try and live my life
  • Well i think I had a point, but i just got distracted
  • But the good, you just forget
  • The start of something, and I don't want to begin it
  • So i say if I can't, do something significant
  • 4
    "Boy, no matter what we go through ____________"
  • I knew I loved you before I met you
  • You step up, I'll step up too
  • I'm so happy for you
  • Hey, hey, i'm not giving up, no
  • When you look at me, suddenely it's clear
  • 5
    "These marks just left on the side of his neck, _____________"
  • We live and we love, but i'll try to move on
  • It's killing me now, you're always bringing me down
  • But you'll find that in your heart, I will be there
  • There's so much more to life, we tend to just forget
  • You're my summer that fades to these cold autumn days
  • 6
    "Be with you every night, __________"
  • Am I squeezing you too tight?
  • But we lost it
  • Up until the point when you didn't call me
  • Broken inside
  • You should know by now, I won't listen to you
  • 7
    "So hold me up now, I can't stand my own ground, ____________"
  • I'm not okay, i'm not okay
  • And right now I want you here with me
  • You're gonna break my heart anyway
  • All I need is your help now
  • This could be the one last chance, to make you understand
  • 8
    "Could it be the butterflies ______________"
  • I get when you come around
  • Cause it's been too long, and i'm lost without you
  • I miss you like a song without the words
  • When I lock my hands in yours
  • I feel whenever i'm with you
  • 9
    "Everyday I fight a war against the mirror, __________"
  • You were so true, too good to be true
  • What do you do when you look in the mirror, and what's staring at you..is why he's not here?
  • I can't take the person staring back at me
  • I despise that I adore you
  • I hate myself for loving you
  • 10
    "And after all of this love that we made, __________________"
  • intoxicating, just maybe
  • I know now, that you don't love me the same
  • I realize I shoulda let you go
  • I want to let you go for good
  • I can't explain the way that i'm feeling tonight
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