Quiz on Disney's Camp Rock

Are you a real Camp Rock lover? Take this quiz to find out if you have been paying attention to the new Disney Channel hit movie!
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Which of this girls is the main character of Camp Rock?
  • Tess
  • Mitchie
  • Peggy
  • Caitlin
  • Ella
  • 2
    What is the name of the band containing Shane (Joe Jonas), Nate (Nick Jonas), and Jason (Kevin Jonas) in Camp Rock?
  • Connect 3
  • The Gray Brothers
  • The Jonas Brothers
  • The Camp Rockers
  • 3
    Why did Mitchie lie about her moms job?
  • She wanted to get into the camp because her mom was famous.
  • She didnt lie about her moms job
  • She wanted to fit in
  • She wanted to be the absolute best one there.
  • 4
    Where does Mitchie's dad work?
  • Car company
  • He owns a hardware store
  • He owns a resturant
  • He works at the camp
  • 5
    What does Caitlin like to do that involves music?
  • Play the guitar
  • Sing
  • Piano player
  • Producer
  • 6
    Where does Tess hide her own braclet so she can blame Mitchie for taking it?
  • Under Mitchies pillow
  • In Mitchies bag
  • In the Kitchen
  • In the dance room
  • 7
    Does Kevin want Shane to get him a doll house?
  • Yes
  • No
  • 8
    What song was played at the end of Camp Rock?
  • We Rock
  • This is Me and Gotta Find You duet
  • Play My Music
  • Here I Am
  • 9
    Ella always wears clothes with what symbol on them?
  • Stars
  • Guitars
  • Hearts
  • Peace sign
  • 10
    Peggy uses what name is the final jam?
  • Meagan
  • Martha
  • Margaret
  • Peggy, duh!
  • 11
    Shane likes Mitchies music because....
  • He enjoys the beat
  • It reminded him of the music he likes and used to play
  • He likes the tone
  • He doesn't like her music
  • 12
    Who is Tess's mom?
  • Tanya Tyler
  • Taylor Tyler
  • Tammi Tyler
  • TJ Tyler
  • Unanswered questions will be marked as wrong