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in what epesode do they play the full song California .
  • the end is not near
  • the pilot
  • the debut
  • the countdown
  • 2
    marissa dies in ryans arms
  • True
  • False
  • 3
    what is the last thing Kirsten says to Caleb before he dies
  • i hate you
  • i love you
  • your going to die alone
  • we should get your heart checked out
  • 4
    who does Marissa catch Luke making out with in Tijuana
  • summer
  • jess
  • holly
  • alex
  • julie
  • 5
    who does Kaitlin say likes clown porn
  • ryan
  • frank
  • seth
  • sandy
  • luke
  • 6
    in the pilot when Marissa asks Ryan who he is , what does Ryan say and what is Marissa's response
  • ryan - who ever you want me to be, marissa - ok
  • ryan - ryan, who are you, marissa - who ever you want me to be
  • ryan - i dunno who are you, marissa - i dunno
  • ryan - the cousin from boston, marissa - oh i herd of you
  • 7
    where do Marissa and Alex first kiss
  • in marissa's house
  • the pool house
  • at the beach
  • in the club
  • 8
    what does Sandy say to Julie when she is talking about how Sandy Cohen takes criminals and puts them in her backyard
  • he says that her husband is a criminal
  • he tells her that her and ryan are pretty much from the same place, riverside and chino
  • he calls her a bitch and she will end up living in a dump
  • 9
    where does Luke find out that his dad is gay
  • in a resturant
  • the model home
  • his dad car dealership
  • his house
  • 10
    when Luke came back to the party after he helped burn down the model home by Accedent, when Summer said he smelled like smoke what did he say and what was here response
  • Luke -we where just getting drunk by the fire , summer - sure you where
  • Luke -yeah we hotboxed newdlens car, summer - and didn't invite me
  • Luke - yeah we just sterted a house fire, summer - oh kool
  • Luke - no i dont, summer - then i must be wasted
  • 11
    in season 4 when Seth knocked on vochucks door to warn him that Ryan is after him, before Volchuck knows it's seth what weapon does he pick up in case its ryan
  • a gun
  • a baseball bat
  • a knife
  • a broken bear bottle
  • 12
    how much money does Kirston lone Jimmy in the first season
  • $50,000
  • $200,000
  • $500,000
  • $100,000
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