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In the episode TOW phoebe's dad, is her grandfather real or is he just a guy in a frame?
  • Real
  • Just a guy in a frame
  • He doesnt appear in this episode
  • 2
    What phoebe signs for a bed in monica's name what does she use for her middle name?
  • Phlora
  • Phulula
  • Phelicity
  • Phulura
  • 3
    What does frank jr take phoebe to look at in the back garden of his house?
  • To show her where the pond his
  • To show her where their dad broke his ankle
  • To show her where their dad hit his head
  • To feed the fish in his pond
  • 4
    When Monica and Chandler go on their honeymoon what is their excuse as to why their door is broke down?
  • Phoebe needed her guitar
  • Joey ran out of Doritos
  • They could smell gas
  • Rachel was locked inside
  • 5
    When the gang take a trip to london for ross' wedding, which member of the royal family does Joey meet?
  • Queen Elizabeth
  • Prince Charles
  • Princess Fergie
  • Prince William
  • 6
    Who says 'Thanks for not marrying rachel' to ross after he marries emily?
  • Joey
  • Tag
  • Gunther
  • Joshuah
  • 7
    Which character shaves her head in 'The one at the beach'?
  • Janice
  • Monica
  • Bonnie
  • Julie
  • 8
    what did ross do when he found out rachel was pregnant?
  • Gave her a hug and said dont worry ill be here for you
  • phoned the condom company and shouted at the manager
  • ran out the front door and went missing for hours
  • was calm
  • 9
    Chandler used to fancy rachel in high school?
  • True
  • False
  • 10
    In TOW the flashback what does phoebe tell Monica about why she was taking the lamp out of the apartment?
  • Its broken she throwing it out
  • shes giving it to rachel
  • shes taking it to get re-wired
  • 11
    When monica and chandler go on a double date with joey and janine, what colour is monica's coat?
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • 12
    When Ross goes to San Diego zoo to see Marcel, what does the manager of the Zoo tell Ross has happened to him?
  • Hes got a career in showbusiness
  • Hes died
  • Hes gone to another zoo
  • Someone has adoped him
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