Power of Three - Charmed Knowledge

How much do you know about Charmed?
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When Phoebe has a Magic Eight Ball in Season 1, what does she ask it?
  • Will I ever get an active power?
  • Will Piper finally ask Leo out?
  • Will Prue and Andy get back together?
  • Will I ever find love?
  • 2
    Piper was never turned into a:
  • Valkyrie
  • Mermaid
  • Fury
  • Wendigo
  • 3
    The Charmed One's ancestor Melinda Warren was burned at the stake.
  • True
  • False
  • 4
    In "The Power of Three Blonds" the witches that tried to impersonate the Charmed Ones were named:
  • Chloe, Carrie, and Cady
  • Mitzy, Margo, and Mable
  • Marcia, Maddy, and Mindy
  • Alexis, Andrea, and Angel
  • 5
    When Phoebe is possessed by the Woogy what does she do as her new power?
  • Materializes a bat and duck
  • Turns into a dark shadow
  • Electrocutes her sisters
  • Throws flames
  • 6
    When Cole is going "crazy" which of the following is not a method he uses to try and kill himself?
  • Throwing a fireball at himself in the mirror
  • Chopping his head off
  • Vanquishing Potion
  • 7
    To prevent the angel of death from taking Leo, Piper does which of the following
  • Hunts down the angel of death to kill him
  • Casts a spell that makes every male look like Leo
  • Calls Cole to distract death with demons
  • Turns Leo into a chandelier
  • 8
    In Centennial Charmed Paige is transported to another reality by:
  • Reading a spell
  • A potion
  • Sneezing and Orbing at the same time
  • Using a leprechaun's rod
  • 9
    Cole was never:
  • The source of all evil
  • An avatar
  • A member of the brotherhood
  • A vampire
  • 10
    After faking her death, Piper has to change her original alias because:
  • It looks too much like her old self
  • Her alias was wanted by the police
  • She was getting too much attention
  • Leo didn't like it
  • 11
    When the charmed ones went to the past what did they learn the purpose of the carved pumpkin was?
  • To block the path of evil
  • To turn away evil spirits
  • To focus power
  • Just for decoration
  • 12
    Paige has never dated:
  • A Mortal
  • A Witch
  • A Federal Agent
  • A Ghost
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