Dumb an dumber

Famous quotes
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You have to excuse my friend, he's a little slow.
  • I would love to go out with you!
  • I'm in love with you!
  • The town is that way!
  • Stupid stupid Harry!
  • 2
    His head fell off?
  • I know, it's crazy.
  • Yeah, he was pretty old.
  • I think he was really sick.
  • What else could it be?
  • 3
    Harry you're alive!
  • How is that possible?
  • I tought I lost you!
  • Don't ever scare me again!
  • And you're a terrible shooter!
  • 4
    What's the soup du jour?
  • It's the soup of the day.
  • Tomato soup.
  • No hablo English!
  • We don't serve soup idiot!
  • 5
    Tic Tac sir?
  • No thanks, I'm fine.
  • Get the hell out of here!
  • Are you kidding me?
  • First give me the money!
  • 6
    Harry: Nice set of hooters you got there! Mary: I beg your pardon?
  • Well, they're just perfect.
  • Can I touch them?
  • I ment the ouls.
  • They are farout the best I've seen in years!
  • 7
    Love the accent.
  • Is that Swedish?
  • Is that Italian?
  • Is that Austrian?
  • Is that New Yersey?
  • 8
    Sir, you can't go in there!
  • That's okay, I'm the limo driver!
  • But I have to, I'm looking for a girl!
  • Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!
  • Oh shut up and leave me through!
  • 9
    Harry: Extra gloves? You've got extra gloves? Lloyd: Yeah, we're in the Rockies...
  • I'm going to kick your ass.
  • I'm going to kill you.
  • I'm gonna be sick.
  • If I wasn't frozen...
  • 10
    I'd say more like one out of a million.
  • So you're telling me there's a chance?
  • That sucks.
  • Not like one out of a hundred?
  • So you're giving me a chance?
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