WILAY Trivia for Fans!!

This quiz tries to measure your general knowledge about this awsome show
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Who was Val's first boyfriend on the show?
  • Vic
  • Rick
  • Jeff
  • Peter
  • 2
    Who was the guest star at the pilot?
  • Luke Perry
  • Gavin DeGraw
  • Tony Hawk
  • Dan Cortes
  • 3
    Who visited Holly in Paris?
  • Henry
  • Vince
  • None of them
  • Both of them
  • 4
    Why did Holly dropped out of College?
  • She failed her exams
  • She didn't really care for it
  • Just to annoy Val
  • She wanted to be in the music business
  • 5
    Where did Lauren take Val to relax before her wedding?
  • To a Strip Club
  • To a Nude Ranch
  • To a Dude Ranch
  • To shopping
  • 6
    Who played Amber, Ben's singing partner for one episode?
  • Christina Aguilera
  • Lady Sovereign
  • Darling Violetta
  • Joanna Pacitti
  • 7
    Where did Val want to travel in the second season final?
  • Venice
  • Rome
  • Vegas
  • Paris
  • 8
    Which song Tina sang at Val's wedding at the Finale episode
  • 'More Than Anyone'
  • 'The Way You Look Tonight'
  • 'Follow Through'
  • 'Beautiful'
  • 9
    In the first episode of the second season what is that Vince gets from Holly?
  • CD
  • cup of coffee
  • chicken wing
  • magazine
  • 10
    What is Ben's first line at the Tyler's residence?
  • Hello!
  • Oh My God!
  • God Bless America!
  • Hi' I'm looking for Holly
  • 11
    Where did Holly take her friends when she wanted them to like her better than Vince?
  • to a Collin Farrel movie
  • to the park
  • to bowling
  • to Mexico
  • 12
    What did Holly do with Robin's picture on the bus bench?
  • stucked a gum to her nose
  • she draw a moustache
  • she burned her eyes out
  • she changed her to a clown
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