American Dad Trivia!!!

All about season 3 of American Dad!

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What is Rogers speciality?
  • He can shoot thunder
  • He is fire-proof
  • He has the remote to activate the apocalypse
  • 2
    What was Steve's "true" passion?
  • Back-up dancing
  • Being a detective
  • Owning a strip dancing agency
  • 3
    Stan won a paddle boat due to a raffle of the possessions of someone who passed away. He didn't have anyone to spend time with. He met ______.
  • Adam Bass
  • Carl Jones
  • Brett Morris
  • 4
    Stan didn't want to be friends with Brett because of only 1 thing different about them. What was it?
  • Brett did not believe in God and Stan did.
  • Brett works for a spy agency which is the rival of the agency where Stan works in (CIA)
  • Brett was gay.
  • 5
    Klaus had a disease and wanted to pass it on to Steve and Haley. What was it called?
  • "gunk"
  • "goo"
  • "ick"
  • 6
    On the episode that Francine's parents came, Haley had a terrible cold soar! What was her excuse for having it?
  • "I shouldn't have used the lipstick Mom wears!"
  • "Thats the last time I use lip liner I find in the bus!"
  • "Its just hormones acting up!"
  • 7
    What was Stan's secret that he told Roger not to tell?
  • Stan is gay.
  • Stan didn't kill anyone.
  • He has a collection of Barbie dolls.
  • 8
    Roger has a collection of ______
  • Pine cones
  • Shampoo bottles
  • Bras
  • 9
    What was the group Francine wanted to join?
  • The butterflies.
  • The ladybugs.
  • The fireflies.
  • 10
    What do you need to do to join the ladybugs?
  • To be married to a rich man.
  • To be a housewife.
  • To have an affair.
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